Digital (or online) advertising is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers in a form of banners or other ad formats like text, images, flash, video, and audio. In other words, it is a way to pitch your target audience on each step of their customer journey and convince it to head its buying intentions towards your brand.

Effective digital ad delivers convincive message to your buyer persona in right place and at a right time. In such case, it also delivers high ROI. However, nowadays vast majority of brads do not get that ROI

How do we help?

Effective digital ad is always a successful combination of 3 factors:

  • Targeting. Options are different and complicated on each channel: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Programmatic and other types of display ads. Filtering out right audience is always a challenge
  • Bidding. Right bidding tactics and tools can either significantly decrease or increase ROI. With tight budgets, bidding can make or break any digital advertising campaign
  • Content. You can get to the right audience at super effective price, but if the message is not catchy and convincing, you won’t get that leads that you can convert into revenue

We have skills, experience and mature processes to build effective mix of these 3 factors to help your digital advertising budget deliver impressive ROI.

How do we execute the process

We start by identifying your goals and objectives taking into account the buyer persona. We use the portrait you have or can create the buyer persona portrait for you.
As a next step, we choose the right advertising channels where the buyer persona is present.
We define the content and calls to action - a clear message of what value your brand offers your potential clients. Multivariate testing is also planned at this stage.
Our team sets effective targeting to reach out to people that have relevant buying intentions. Targeting segments are subject to multivariate testing as well.
We set bidding processes, including automated bid modifiers depending on time, location and other targeting factors.
We help you launch campaigns and regularly measure results and optimize those campaigns accordingly.

Tools we use for Digital Advertising

crm tool google-ads crm tool apple-search-ads crm tool smart-ads crm tool google-adsense crm tool instagram-ads crm tool airpush crm tool google-admob crm tool linkedinAds crm tool amazon-ads crm tool twitter-ads crm tool epom crm tool facebook-ads crm tool youtube-ads crm tool messenger-ads crm tool adroll