Why Codeit
Result-oriented team: Focused on delivering the best results to meet your business goals.
Quick allocation of resources: The company heavily invests in training to have a bench of developers engaged in widening their tech and business expertise. Resources can be allocated for the new project shortly.
No hidden costs: No extra charges or fees. Everything is set in the contract.
Dedicated development team Scale your team as you need and work with professionals.
Why Us
Strong fundamental European education: 23 higher educational establishments in our city.
Technical excellence: Our technical stack is constantly growing. At present, it includes languages and tools suitable for enterprise-level software and the MVP.
We do meet deadlines: By providing reasonable estimates and setting realistic deadlines based on previous experience.
Integrated business process: Structured workflow + Defined team roles + Performance analytics = Max risks mitigation.

Our Principles

We are happy to drive our partners’ growth that leads to our own growth. That is why we deliver each product as our own. In order to provide high-level solutions, we combine knowledge of our Team, techniques, and skills based on key principles:

High Quality
We provide top-notch software engineering expertise that empowers our clients, not a low-cost replacement for the in-house workforce
High Quality
We provide top-notch software engineering expertise that empowers our clients, not a low-cost replacement for the in-house workforce
Business Reliability
Transparency, integrity & IP rights protection and security are the foundation of our client relations strategy
Long-life learning
We build necessary expertise and accumulate domain knowledge to create a synergy of technology and business
Our top priority is to deliver results that enable your business to grow and scale
Uninterrupted Communication
Fluent English is a must, we respect our partners’ time zones and always ready to provide on-site trips of team members to the client's side.

What makes us different?

software quality
We have a Software Quality Management system
The quality of the delivery process is a crucial part of our cooperation with clients. CodeIT has implemented a policy that ensures that the customer is provided with a product that meets its requirements.
We are passionate about coding
There are more than 150+ specialists who live, breathe, and dream technologies. We do not just help customers create new products but build a community of innovators striving to change the world for better with every line of code.
Our partnership goes beyond technology
We become deeply involved in our client’s day-to-day realities. And we are always ready to make the extra mile that will allow us to develop the greatest product in your niche.

Companies That Trust Us

We help to solve business problems, both for successful enterprise projects and innovative startups. We are proud to work with each of our clients. And we believe that our technological experience is capable of opening up hidden potential in any business.

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