According to statistics, Android OS has been installed on 66.71% of all mobile devices in the world, and this is one of the reasons why a lot of business owners prefer to have not only the iOS business solution but also the Android one. CodeIT Android development team created Android mobile solutions for various industries providing scalable apps that are fully integrated with the back-end software.

Our Android development Department is skilled in Android SDK, NDK, Java, responsive design etc, have worked on many diverse applications and their experience also includes the following:

  • CodeIT professionals provide customers with versioning and segmentation of your app according to the relevant Android OS and devices.
  • Android's source code is released under an open source license and the apps are written using the Android (SDK). Due to this CodeIT android development services provide easy integration of various services with your Android mobile solution.
  • Our android development services include the use of the Android Beacon Library to allow users’ Android devices to use beacons.
  • We know how to create reliable and secure apps for Android with various services and APIs, network security configurations, cryptography, use of Android SDK, TLS etc. With our android development services our customers are sure to receive a secure app.
  • We always use GUI Testing to make sure that Android apps we create meet all the requirements and are of high quality.
  • With the Android development services from CodeIT that include working with the Network traffic data customers get an app with a reduced resources consumption.
  • If you want your app to be the source of income - our android development services department will help by using various tools and APIs for monetization.

We cover the most demanded segment of mobile development market: