DevOps (development and operations) is a software development methodology aimed at active interaction and integration of development specialists and information technology service specialists. It is based on the idea of the close interdependence of software development and operation and aims to help organizations quickly create and update software products and services.

It is often said that DevOps is not a role in the team, but the whole culture. More specifically - a culture of interaction between development and operation, where programmers understand how systems work and have system administration skills, and administrators understand design principles.


we can provide:

  • Faster software delivery and as a result a faster time-to-market of your solution
  • Improved software quality and fewer bugs
  • Automated infrastructure and processes
  • Enhanced data security
  • Continuous integration and delivery

DevOps Tools

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Why You Should Integrate DevOps in Your Software Development Process?

server Quicker mitigation of software defects
With better communication and collaboration between operations and software development, you can identify and mitigate defects at any stage of the development cycle
Better resource management
During the software development stage, developers and testers are constantly waiting for resources to arrive causing delays in delivery. Agile combined with DevOps ensures that the app development moves to the testing phase much quicker
Reduced human errors
DevOps reduces the chances of human errors during development and operations by deploying frequent iterations. According to the State of DevOps, companies that adopt DevOps have 80 times fewer failures
Enhanced version control
Emphasizing on the individuals and interactions, DevOps allows the developers to leverage on programmable dynamic infrastructure at all stages of the development lifecycle. It allows version control and automated coding options
Stable operating environment
Stability is the key to any business platform, and DevOps is established to bring stability with reliability. Organizations with DevOps get their deployment 30 times faster than their rivals with 50% lesser chances of failure


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