Software for medical laboratory equipment

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Industry Healthcare
Location Singapore
Team size 13
Services Business Analysis Project Management Web App Development DevOps Quality Assurance UI/UX Design Solution Architecture

The client

The client is a representative of the laboratory segment of the healthcare industry with huge experience. As his task, he saw the implementation of software that will test laboratory equipment in real conditions and will improve the quality of the equipment in general. As a plus, the client wanted to simplify the data that usually appears in this issue (huge files with documentation, many numbers, etc.) and make the interface as pleasant and understandable as possible.


The Problem

The work of laboratories is a complex process and therefore they need the highest quality instruments and equipment. Testing such equipment is another complex process that involves serious algebraic calculations of huge amounts of data. The result of such calculations is often complicated documentation, which is difficult to understand and which takes a long time to proofread. The client's idea was to create a web application that would take over most of these complex calculations and ultimately produce a document that is user-friendly and understandable for both developers and laboratory staff.


The Solution

Having assembled a team of 12 experts, CodeIT started to implement the client's ideas. First of all, the business analyst assessed the ability of the future product to gain a foothold in the market. A team of 5 developers (3 - front, 2 - back) was engaged in the development, while 2 high-class specialists were responsible for the design.

Having chosen Node and React as the main technologies, we aimed to create a web application that would be able to work with huge amounts of complex data and at the same time give a simple user-friendly result. Since the client was heavily involved in the process, we've been adjusting the direction of work on a daily basis.


Product’s main features

  • Creating a plan and choosing the necessary experiments based on the previously selected criteria and test type.
  • Providing manuals and guiding on what tests should be performed and why.
  • Storing the verification samples you have created so that they can be quickly selected in the interface later.
  • Delivering testing result outputs.
  • Recording results in Lab Analysis Software.
  • Producing a complete report of the received results.

The Result

After 12 months of work, we managed to launch a functioning commercial web-based product. Tests carried out in real conditions have shown that the implementation of the client's product can reduce the time spent by laboratory staff by 30%. In addition, we managed to reduce the risk of errors by 3 times due to maximum automation and elimination of the human factor.

It's time to turn your idea into a working solution.

Our team

  • Business analysis
  • Project manager
  • 3 Front-end developers
  • 2 Back-end developers
  • 2 QA manual engineers
  • 2 UI\UX designers
  • Solution architect
  • DevOps engineer

Technology stack

  • Back: python 3.8, Django 2.2, DRF 3.12
  • DB: PostgreSQL
Duration: Since February 2020

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