Even small startups' representatives will agree that off-the-shelf solutions often have either extra functionality that isn't used or don't have those features that are so necessary. This is where custom development comes in, and by the end of this page, you will be convinced that it is worth the investment.

We at CodeIT give preference to custom development because it is more likely to solve our client's problem and bring him value. And in the end, this is precisely our mission. Custom solutions are developed taking into account the business logic and requirements of a particular company, project, or product. Custom software has the ability to scale, which allows the business to adapt to any changes. Let's take a closer look at what this is about.

Custom software development services at your disposal

We believe that custom development is exactly what clients come to us for. Here's our software development services list:

Custom Web Apps Development Services
Despite the total growth of mobile traffic and the number of smartphone users in the world, web development remains the main direction in the software development industry. Our company offers its clients a huge number of opportunities, from web portals and eCommerce platforms to SaaS and CRM solutions for business. We've made sure that we have the widest range of experienced specialists at our disposal. We do not focus on the prompt completion of the project but on the requirements of the clients. Our goal is to create scalable, agile, and responsive web software that will bring you value.
Custom Mobile Apps Development Services
Mobile development is another area we love. We, being a trusted software development services provider, have assembled a large team of mobile developers with impressive experience both for iOS and Android development, as well as for other mobile operating systems. Focusing on the requirements of our clients, we have created an impressive number of native and cross-platform applications. We at CodeIT are well aware of the fact that the future belongs to mobile development, and therefore our team of mobile specialists is constantly replenished with new mobile development gurus.
Custom Quality Assurance Services
Quality assurance is a constant companion of the development process of both mobile and web software. Altho we custom application development company, we believe that it is necessary to apply DevOps methods for the best result. This is why our testing process often begins as early as the design of the application architecture. At the same time, all measures to ensure the security of the product are being worked out. All this is not a prerequisite for cooperation, but we're ready to convince you via real cases that testing an application is an absolutely mandatory measure.
Custom CRM Development
A high-quality CRM is an integral part of a successful B2B and B2C business. For more than 13 years on the market, we ourselves have used many different solutions until we were convinced that there was nothing better than a custom CRM specifically for our needs. That's when we decided to make it one of our services and offer it to our clients. There are many products on the market, but many of them either don't have the necessary functionality or aren't profitable from a financial point of view. Custom CRM will bring you value by increasing your sales rates and marketing conversion. That is one of the reasons of why custom software development is important.
Custom Machine Learning Solutions
Machine learning is one of the most promising areas in the IT industry and beyond. This technology has a special place in our company. Our machine learning specialists have experience in developing NLP, Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, and Anomaly Detection solutions. All these technologies will help you automate many routine processes and improve your workflow as a whole. As part of cooperation with our clients in this matter, we start with a consultation, reviewing current business processes, and analyzing goals. After that, we reflect together on how machine learning solutions can help this company in specific areas.

Tell us about the specifications of your project so that we can create the most customized product for you

Why choosing custom software development services from CodeIT?

There are a number of custom software development benefits we can provide you within this matter.

Risks mitigation

We use an integrated business approach in our work. Thanks to this, we always make sure that a specific project has a structured workflow. In addition, roles in teams should be defined and understood for both our clients and all team members. Finally, by applying DevOps principles and conducting continuous performance analyzes, we achieve maximum risk mitigation for our clients.

Flexible teams

Being a custom software development agency, we’re well aware that in an industry like IT, everything can change very quickly, including the project requirements. In such a situation, the team working on the project must be trained to respond quickly and scale. Our specialists are ready for such events and resizing the team won't entail any delays.

DevOps implementation

In collaborating with our clients, we apply the best practices from the DevOps, Agile, Scrum, and Lean methodologies. We believe that there is no such problem in business that cannot be solved by common efforts. In addition, we always advocate the automation of those processes that can be automated. That’s why we provide DevOps services and consider it to be an important part of our company’s services rendered.

Quick project setting up and scaling

Speed and scalability are key factors in today's business. That is why with us you won't have to waste your time on unnecessary calls and meetings and meaningless reasoning. We have an established agile custom software product development services, where you can embed any details of any project, gather teams, and immediately start working.

Our Custom Software Development Process

We understand that each new project is somewhat different from all previous ones, at least in the people with whom we cooperate. Nevertheless, as we said before, we tried to create a solid and understandable algorithm of our custom software application development services, by checking with which our clients can always understand where we are now and why.

Business Analysis

Our experts will analyze your business processes and the requirements that you set. Business analysts will advise you on the development of functional requirements and documenting all the details of the business process. All this is done in order to identify exactly the resources that are needed by you.

Solution Design

The next stage is the development and design of custom software solutions and ways to implement it. Our specialists will identify the necessary technologies, system requirements, describe the system architecture, choose the database, and so on. All analysis will be validated with diagrams, wireframes, and mockups for visual orientation.

Testing teams introduction

Yes, our QA engineers are being introduced already at this stage, in order to check whether the architecture of the solution meets the initial requirements. From this point on, they won't leave the project until the onset of the maintenance stage in order to provide continuous testing.


Finally, the development stage begins, where our software specialists concentrate on the high quality of the code. Unit testing also takes place here in order to avoid any errors associated with the human factor and check the code as thoroughly as possible.


The product is tested and ready for deployment, which we carry out by providing our clients with a complete package of technical documentation about the project. This is done so that the specialists from the client's side could understand the essence of the matter and get acquainted with the architecture of the system.


The final stage begins if our work fully satisfied the client. We are always available to support the application, as this is a critical stage. Although testing has been done, it is possible that the product will need to be modified after release in a real environment. Our specialists are always ready to process both regular change requests and larger requests for structure editing.


How can I create my own software?
Well, you can learn to program and develop your own software yourself. But you will still need a test engineer, designer, and other specialists. It is much easier to contact us and get quality custom software development services.
How much does it cost to develop custom software?
It depends on so many factors (industry, specifics, scale, technical requirements, and so on) that it is hard to say something clear here. You can calculate the approximate cost of an application on the Internet, but this figure will always be only approximate.
What are the examples of custom software?
You can see examples of custom software developed by us just above on the page.
What are the benefits of a custom software solution?
The advantages of a custom solution over off-the-shelf are that custom software has the ability to scale, solves your specific problem, and, in general, is created specifically for your conditions and requirements.
How to Choose a Custom Software Development Company?
This is not easy, as the competition among software vendors is harsh. We advise you to pay attention to the expertise and case studies of the company in order to find something close to what you need.

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Only a truly custom product can become an irreplaceable solution in the market. Contact us so that we can put together an essential team.