Providing custom software development services, CodeIT uses a wide range of programming languages, advanced technology platforms, frameworks, and innovative tools to create projects of any complexity for both small businesses and enterprises. With us, you choose custom software solutions that are developed with regulatory compliance relevant to the industry and evaluation of all the associated risks. Custom-made software that we offer will address your specific business needs: it is designed to facilitate business processes and build workflows of any length easily.

custom development services
we provide

custom web apps development

We create web apps compatible with all modern browsers and devices and make them secure and ideally fitting each customer’s needs. We offer a wide range of development service and deliver websites, web apps, B2B and B2C web solutions with outstanding UI and UX. Learn More

custom mobile apps development

We create intuitive, secure and fast mobile apps. With the team of our skilled developers, you are guaranteed to get native Android and iOS mobile solutions. We provide efficient custom mobile app development services to ensure business success to our customers. Learn More

custom product development

With the industry-specific knowledge our experts have, you will launch your product making its features distinctive and recognizable that allow your business to have advantage of fail-proof efficiency and position you ahead of your competitors. Apply product-first strategy and empower your business with custom solutions that meet the specific needs of your industrial niche.

Application Maintenance & Modernization

We perform all the maintenance and support activities including legacy systems migration and application modernization, UI improvements, and filling the gaps in existing software. To ensure the scalability, performance, and sustainability of your entire software infrastructure as your business grows, you need custom solutions in maintaining the perfect 'health' of your app.
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Unlike with off-the-shelf solutions, investing into custom software means you don't pay for features you won't use. Choosing custom software development services, you automatically address the specific needs of your business and confidently move to achieving your goals. Eliminate any vulnerability by picking the solutions tailored to your business processes.

Custom software provides accommodating to any changes expected within business growth, which means custom software is designed with scalability in mind and reduction of overhead. Custom software solutions adapt not only to work process changes but increased workloads due to the 'built-in' flexibility allowing you to expand your business operations hassle-free.
Relevant capability of software integration is a key component to ensure that you work in time-saving and productivity-enhancing modes. Custom solutions integrate smoothly with apps you need, and operate on resources you find beneficial for your work.
App security
Off-the-shelf software is more vulnerable in terms of security and data privacy concerns. Customized solutions address app security and information confidentiality issues 100% and provide compliance with all the respective legislative aspects at best. Opting for custom software you minimize external hacking threats and keep access to data fully controlled.
Cost saving
Building customized software ecosystem brings considerable benefits to your business in terms of cost saving as a customer makes a payment for using the software for unlimited time and unlimited number of users. It means that a customer says goodbye to all the extra costs like paying for new users’ licenses or covering licensing costs yearly. The custom software tailored to your specific needs requires only initial that pays off multifold upon implementing.


The service we provide implies end-to-end development from discovery and concept creation, deep research to development in iterative processes to make best use of every minute you pay for. We practice client-oriented approach with working by Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) to create custom software fitting your demands. Collaborating effectively is another core value we stick to. Under one roof, there are best experts including DevOps engineers whose high professional level ensures that the customers get development service delivered on time and without fail.

Our highly experienced business analysis team helps you analyze all the requirements to identify the optimal approaches to reach the business goals in any major industry, either Fintech, Retail, or Healthcare. Business analysts ensure full assistance in determining functional requirements and documenting the essential business processes prior to launching the software development.
While working on the specific solution design, our experts look into the must-have characteristics of the software, hardware and system requirements, describe the system architecture and define DB that should be used. Then, our experts present sketches, mockups, and wireframes for detailed visualization of the product.
QA Engineers test the product to check its technical relevance according to the pre-set requirements. Testing is performed either manually or by automated testing. CodeIT specialists perform testing of Unit, Integration, System, Release and Acceptance Testing levels. To ensure the quality, we divide it into Functional, Non-functional and Change-related.
Development is the stage when we keep total focus on quality because this is the centerpoint of the cycle. This stage implies that the development team is performing the actual coding and unit-testing. When working with big-scale projects, our project managers optimize the process by dividing the development into release parts so that a customer could control and keep track of the progress. The product then is ready for Testing.
When deploying the custom software, we give the product to the customer along with the whole package of documentation that includes the full system description and user’s manual. It means that the customers have the software running in their IT environment so that the employees get familiar with its characteristics and usage.
Once we delivered the product that satisfies the customer's requirements, we stay available for continuous maintenance and instantly respond to requests from users or clients. In particular, CodeIT specialists handle change requests for the developed product including requests on functionality enhancements, obsolete elements deletion and the system optimization.


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