Squeeze - Mobile App to Select Insurance Offers

Main screen
Industry Insurance
Partnership period 2022 - ongoing
Location USA
Team size 6

#1 Project overview.

Squeeze is a smart assistant that helps find insurance offers that perfectly match users' needs. It eliminates the overwhelming burden caused by the manual offers collection and comparison.

The application can deliver the same functionality on iOS and Android devices. The core features are:

  • thorough needs identification
  • insurance quotes comparison
  • different types of insurance supported
  • auto-filling of information
  • automatic offers selection
  • money-saving suggestions

In a nutshell, the application facilitates the review of insurance plans, selection, and tracking process. Users need to review the best-fitting plans offered by the app. Also, they can receive notifications about renewing current plans or considering better options discovered by the system.

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#2 Our task.

We have been working with the client since 2018. CodeIT's web developers were integrated into the client's on-site team, helping develop a web application for selecting the best insurance plans.

Being completely satisfied with our cooperation, the client hired the CodeIT team to develop a new mobile app from scratch. We established a smooth and trusted relationship that became a foundation for a new project that began in 2022.

Our team was requested to analyze the idea, create a UI/UX design, develop a cross-platform mobile app, and test it. To implement the project, we had to allocate specialists with the required expertise, integrate them into the client's on-site team, and manage the entire team.

#3 Implementation.

Our team was completely involved in the app development. The mobile app development process implied a lot of crucial stages, including business analysis, UI/UX design creation, app development, and testing.

Let's elaborate on the app creation process in more detail below.

Requirements analysis and planning

We have allocated a business analysis expert to analyze and validate the client's idea.

The allocated business analyst has researched, reviewed project documentation, and discovered the best solutions for implementing the idea. Also, the allocated CodeIT expert has prepared a detailed mobile app development plan, including epics and user stories.

UI/UX design

Our UI/UX designer has thoroughly analyzed business requirements to create a well-thought-out user experience (UX) interface.

The expert has composed a detailed UI mockup, including all the mobile app screens, and validated them with the client. All design elements were created in accordance with the style standards specified in the brand book we received from the client.

Mobile app development

Our mobile app developers have created a cross-platform mobile application, delivering the same functionality to iOS and Android devices.

The application implies a lot of features that help analyze users' needs and pick the best insurance plans.

The foremost features we've developed are the following:
Login and Sign-up screens

Easy Registration and Sign-In

The application foresees the opportunity to sign up for the app in a few clicks.

New users can sign up for the application using an email address and mobile phone number.

Registered users can securely log in to the app using the following:

  • FaceID
  • TouchID

Access to the app can be recovered by using a mobile phone number.

A further app update will enable users to quickly sign up using their accounts on the following social media:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple
Find insurance plan screens

Personal Data Auto-Filling

The application uses personal details that are permanently stored to find new and renew existing insurance plans fast.

Users can manually specify details to submit insurance plans for their:

  • Auto
  • Home
  • Life

The application can pre-populate forms to reduce the form-filling burden using location-based information collected by a device.

Setup auto insurance screens

Insurance Selection and Questionnaire

The primary aim of the mobile application is to facilitate the insurance plan selection process.

Users' needs are identified with the help of a questionnaire. It implies simple questions that should be answered by picking the most suitable answers.

Three types of questionnaires are available:

  • Life
  • Auto
  • Home

All the answers submitted by users are saved automatically.

Offers screens

Best Offers Selection and Renewal

The system analyzes all the questions users submit and delivers the most relevant insurance quotes and offers.

Users need to review the best quotes from different insurance companies and select the best offer, which can be quickly submitted using populated details.

The mobile application notifies users about current plans that should be renewed. Also, users receive notifications about new top insurance offers discovered.

Mobile app testing

Our quality assurance specialist has conducted manual testing to ensure all features work seamlessly.

#4 Result.

Our team has tapped into the project at the initial stage. We have conducted business analysis, created UI/UX design, developed the cross-platform application, tested it, and released the app.

The main output of the project is a fully-functional application. It helps analyze users' needs and find the most relevant quotes to save time and money. The application works on iOS and Android platforms, enabling access to many offers to choose the best insurance plan and submit them fast.

Using detailed questionnaires and data pre-population, new users can sign up for the platform and submit their personal information rapidly.

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Our team.

  • 2 Flutter developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA engineer
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst

Technology stack.

  • Main:
    Flutter, Dart, Custom animations, Flutter platform clients
  • Patterns:
    Clean Architecture, BLoC Pattern
  • CI:
    GutHub CI (GitHub actions)
  • Packages:
    HTTP, Dio, AutoRoute, RxDart, Equatable, Freezed, JsonSerializable, Facebook SignIn, Google SignIn, Apple SignIn, Runtime Permissions, Push notifications(FCM, APNs)

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