CRM System For Payment Processors

CRM screens
Industry Financial
Partnership period 2019 - ongoing
Location US
Team size 6

The client and business goals

The client is a US-based private stakeholder with extensive experience in the financial sector. They wanted to create a distributed cloud-based CRM with payment processing that would serve independent sales organizations (ISOs).

The primary aim was to develop a vast system that ISOs could use to track leads, appointments, tickets, commissions, and live accounts from several processing networks simultaneously.



The task assigned was not limited to developing a CRM. Our team had to create a complex, intuitive payment processing software for managing financial operations and the entire merchant lifecycle. After discussion and thorough analysis, our team identified three main groups of users of the future system:

  • offline payment processors
  • merchants
  • buyers

Then, we focused on the development of new functionality. Our team has helped turn a client's idea into a growing, popular, and secure platform with over $3.5 billion in monthly sales. Also, we developed new features such as the lead importer system, an email review with automatic validation, voice control with speech recognition, and an extremely functional calendar.

Goals diagram

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Our task

Since the client's team has already been working on the project, our specialists had to quickly analyze the existing processes and the customers' needs. The main task was improving and expanding the existing functionality, adding new features, and increasing customer satisfaction.



It was necessary to explore the customer workflow to start working on optimizing the current functionality and developing new features. We decided to divide the customer personas into three main types:

Offline payment processors — a company appointed by a merchant to handle transactions from various channels
Merchants — retailers that sell goods and receive payment through the POS (point of sale) terminals connected to the specific CRM payment processing unit
Buyers — any person or business that purchases goods and services from the merchants and performs the payment via the POS terminal

The CRM structure type:

CRM diagram

After considering the structure and approving the customer personas with the client, our team proceeded to the new functionality development.

Solutions for CRM with payment processing

The results of our team's work are the five solutions that were developed from scratch:

Lead importer Buyer icon

Our team created an opportunity to generate lists of potential leads in tables of any format. After loading these tables into the system, the lead importer analyses the data and presents a report on potential leads, depending on the selected label.

The information about leads can be edited. Also, the system identifies and highlights any duplicates. Our team added the ability to remove leads and an option to restore all the information about deleted leads within 30 days.

Email validation Email icon

An additional feature for the lead importer is the opportunity to validate the potential leads' email addresses. Thanks to the ZeroBounce API, the lead importer validates the email and notifies if the specified email address does not exist, is in the spam list, or if there are any other validation issues.

Email review and code validation Code validation icon

The developed CRM allows sending emails created from scratch or using built-in templates. Our team has developed an email and code validation system to keep users safe from malicious content. The validation system removes any suspicious tags from the HTML code.

If the merchant opens a message that contains malicious HTML code, the validator simultaneously removes scripts, iFrames, and object tags from the text. Formatting and validation rules can be updated at any time. The HTMLPurifier library was used to develop the validation system.

Speech recognition Microphone icon

We have developed the ability to control the system by voice. The created solution can recognize any voice commands and respond to them with a predefined set of actions. Besides, it understands accents and tones.

For instance, the user can send a text message without touching the keyboard. There is the possibility to expand the list of voice commands for recognition. The tasks presented in the calendar are integrated with the information about leads available in the CRM with the payment processing feature.

Calendar Calendar icon

The calendar developed by our team can gather tasks, information about leads, reminders, etc. All the events can be sorted by timeline, users, or user rights. The tasks presented in the calendar are integrated with the information about leads available in the CRM.

Consequently, by viewing a planned meeting with a lead in the calendar, the user can view all the necessary information about the lead in the same place. We also developed the possibility of adjusting the calendar to show the work schedule of a particular user. It helps users focus on the crucial information only.


The result

Thanks to the effective cooperation with the client, our team has developed the system with helpful CRM payment processing features fast. We have connected many helpful services using the payment processing API, speech recognition API, and email validation & verification API.

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Our team

  • Business Analysis
  • Project manager
  • Backend developer
  • Front-end developer
  • QA manual
  • QA automation

Applied technologies

  • jQuery
  • Custom PHP Framework
  • FancyBox 2.1.5
  • Modernizr 2.6.2
  • React.js
  • ZeroBounce API
  • Google Speech Recognition API
  • HTMLPurifier library

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