Cross-platform app development is the great way to enter market quickly on terms of providing mobile apps that look and feel truly native. Additionally, choosing cross-platform mobile development can be more cost-effective than creating native applications separately for Android and iOS.
CodeIT has proven experience when it comes to cross-platform development so potential users can benefit from fully functional apps delivered without fail and on time that run seamlessly on both Android and iOS. Though our development team’s main focus is React Native, we also help companies turn their ideas into successful products with such innovative technologies as Flutter and Xamarin.

Benefits of cross-platform development

Faster delivery

With cross-platform development, mobile apps are created faster especially with a single codebase. Since the single code is used for multiple platforms, it leads to the increase of development speed, facilitation of the product launch and its timely availability on the market to reach consumers.

Low development costs

Cross-platform mobile development guarantees to help save up to 40% of costs compared to native application development given that there is a single codebase to use and only one team in charge of developing, testing, and maintenance for all operating systems.

Easy maintenance

It is easier to maintain and make improvements to the app after release having the same codebase for all platforms. Aside from that, collaborating with one development team ensures instant support and simplifies the synchronization of updates on all mobile devices.

Wider Audience Reach

With hosting your application across a number of platforms, businesses automatically increase their market reach. As the app deployed on multiple app stores at a time, cross-platform apps can reach target audience markets easily, tapping on both iOS and Android users.

Frameworks for
cross-platform development

React Native

Created and actively supported by Facebook, React Native as a JavaScript framework has been used by such companies as Walmart, Bloomberg, Wix, and Instagram. It is the most preferred platform by most business applications given its truly native UI, live app updates, and speedy development process.


Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned cross-platform development tool that uses C# and .Net framework languages to create apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It is popularly used by Siemens, Pinterest, Slack and other business giants. Xamarin apps can deliver quality performance as the native and React Native alternatives.


Flutter is a modern Google’s mobile UI framework and SDK based on Dart programming language. It is known to develop high-quality native-like apps in a short period of time. Though it may seem that it is fairly new compared to React Native, it is reliable enough to be used in big mainstream apps like Google Ads, eBay Motors, Groupon Merchant.

Cross-platform app development process

As a leading cross-platform mobile app development company, CodeIT provides full-cycle software development services using a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and innovative tools. With business analysts, designers, developers, QA and DevOps engineers that possess expertise in respective fields, we can proficiently deliver amazing cross-platform mobile apps to cater to your business needs in the most flexible manner.

Why You Need Our Expertise

On-time Delivery

With our promising expertise, the development of your cross-platform mobile app projects will have a swift turnaround time. Developing your ideas into the application you want is guaranteed to be delivered quickly without any compromise on the quality.

100% Transparency

It is important for us to give you 100% transparency when it comes to the development process of your cross-platform app development. Applying the diverse monitoring of tools, we share the project status, its progress, and updates on developments with our customers.

Flexible Cooperation models

Addressing the particular demands of your business, we offer several pricing models you can choose from. From fixed prices, time and material model to a dedicated team, you completely have flexible choices in the development of your project.

Expertise in cross-platform development

Composed of an amazing team of experts in cross-platform application development and equipped with the appropriate tools, your project is surely well taken care of.

Industries we work with


React native-based mobile app for elderly people or users with chronic diseases

HealthSync is a medical information management app that enables users to collaborate conveniently while tracking and sharing important health data. The choice in favor of React Native as the main technology for this project has significantly increased the speed of the delivery of this app that runs seamlessly on both Android and iOS.

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