Telemedicine And Doctor Appointment App

iPhone image with opened app
Partnership period 2021 - ongoing
Location United Arab Emirates
Team size 4
Services Project Management Mobile App Development Quality Assurance UI/UX Design

This feature-rich mobile application is a part of a medical system. It facilitates doctor selection and appointment. Also, it helps run live telemedicine sessions with selected doctors in a few clicks.


The client

This partnership appeared during our participation in the Health Tech Expo in Dubai. Our client works with a chain of hospitals in the UAE. He has been thinking about developing a custom health system. The mobile app was supposed to be a crucial part of this system. The application developed by CodeIT is our partnership's initial step to showcase our expertise in the healthcare sector.



The app helps find a doctor and set an appointment. The filtering system allows selecting a specialist pertinent to the user's problem. Also, it foresees the opportunity to choose the preferable time and date based on the doctor's schedule. Every doctor's profile has information about their professional experience and rating to make the right decision.

We have four team members working on this project — the Project manager, UI/UX designer, Flutter developer, and QA engineer.


Product’s main features

The set of features selected by the client for the first version of the product is the following:

  • Registration and user-profile creation.
  • Smart search on the home screen by the doctor's name or specialty.
  • Schedule to select the appointment and see the available time.
  • Appointments history.
  • The doctors' cards in search results show their rating, geo-location, and medical specialty.
  • Option to bookmark the profile of a doctor with detailed information.
  • Ability to book an appointment on the doctor's page.
  • Option to start an in-app chat, audio call, or one-a-one video session for scheduled appointments.

The result

The result of the first app's version is a fully functioning application that offers an opportunity for everyone to find an appropriate doctor based on their specialty and reviews. Also, clients can schedule appointments and get online consultations in the app.

It's time to turn your idea into a working solution.

Our team

  • Project manager
  • UX/UI designer
  • Flutter developer
  • QA engineer

Technology stack

  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • BLoC Pattern
  • Dio
  • AutoRoute
  • CustomPainter
  • RxDart
  • Twilio
  • Flutter localizations
  • Provider
  • Vicodin
  • Google Fonts
  • Infinite pagination
  • Android SDK
  • Coroutines
  • Flutter platform clients

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