The Client

The client is a USA-based healthcare expert who had an idea of building a simple mobile application for creating high-quality "before-after" photos. With this app, medical specialists could see the result of their work, the progression or regression of any symptoms, and the effect of therapy. Moreover, this doesn't necessarily have to be a shot of a face, but of any body part. In the future, it was planned to expand the application functionality, including the creation of data and photos libraries, which will represent the history of the disease and treatment and will be stored on the cloud server. More about the product on the website


Our company jumped on the project, rapidly assembling a small team of React Native specialists, UI/UX Designer, QA engineer, and PM as we aimed at the multi-platformsegment. One of the main tasks was to create such a mechanism in which there would be no need for medical staff to have any practice. That's why a system of ready-made templates and auto-adjusting photo positions was developed so that the correct photo required minimal skills. In addition, we developed an instant editing function, so that medical specialists could immediately mark and sign the necessary elements on the photo.

The result of our collaboration is a product that combines a powerful mobile application with a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant photography management tool. It is the medical industry's first inexpensive full-featured clinical photography suite. There is no need to purchase expensive and bulky photography equipment. Your mobile device or tablet is your camera and it can be used anywhere.


rxphoto mobile
A powerful mobile application with a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant photography management tool
rxphoto full-featured
Full-featured clinical photography suite
rxphoto photography
Select photography areas from a predefined list of anatomy
rxphoto access
Access previous patient photos for treatment reference or as a baseline for taking consistent new photos
rxphoto notes
Add clinical notes before sending the photos to a HIPAA-compliant cloud server
rxphoto stores
Store and label photos with anatomy area, date taken, photographer name, notes, and more
rxphoto reports
Create branded reports to assist with patient expectation management or insurance claims
rxphoto integrate
Automatically integrate images with many EMR/EHR systems


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