First of all, it is crucial to understand QA services meaning. Just as you cannot buy a car without first trying it out, you also cannot launch a software product without diligent testing. Development and QA are two sides of the same coin, and we at CodeIT are well aware that the testing stage is just as important as the development stage.

Applying both automated and manual solutions, we provide quality checks of our customers' products in the conditions and environments that have been discussed with the client. We, as a quality assurance services company, believe that testing is a repeatable process where it is difficult to attain an ideal. But we will keep trying by constantly updating test scripts to achieve maximum stabilization of the product performance.

We test – you rest

Perhaps, it is impossible to test and ensure a product against all possible errors. But still, we try to do this, providing our clients with the widest possible range of software testing services.

Unit testing

Performance testing

Database testing

UI/UX testing

Penetration testing

Unit testing

This is the initial stage of testing, at which our software developers in test select separate blocks (units) of code in order to check them for correct operation. We consider this to be an important part of the testing process, as it allows us to make sure at the coding stage, that the individual components of the application work as needed and are free of critical bugs and misspellings. quality assurance unit testing

Performance testing

We will provide the load for your product, and see how its performance, speed & scalability change. At the end of the work, your product will be free of any performance flaws and will be ready to sustain any load. quality assurance performance testing

Database testing

The most important element of any product testing. Regardless of the industry, the correct operation of the database is an essential part of the overall performance of a product. As part of this direction, our test engineers use database accesses to test logic and other processes that are not available for testing from the front-end. Here, they will check how the data is saved to the database. Also, it is in the work with the bases that our specialists will set up scenarios that will be needed in the future. quality assurance database testing

UI/UX testing

An absolute must-have for any product. UI/UX testing will make sure that all elements of the front end of the product work as they should. In addition, such a test is carried out in order to check the product for ease of use, accessibility, and compatibility. quality assurance ui-ux testing

Penetration testing

Needless to say, how important safety is for the product's work. As part of this process, our specialists will check the client's application for all kinds of vulnerabilities. quality assurance penetration testing

How do we test – Our software testing services procedure

We believe that the peace of mind of our clients and customers directly depends on their understanding of what exactly we are going to do. Therefore, as an introduction, we provide you with the opportunity to evaluate a rough plan of how we carry out our quality assurance service.

quality assurance scheduling quality assurance scheduling


quality assurance step arrow
quality assurance building quality assurance building


quality assurance step arrow
quality assurance execution quality assurance execution


quality assurance step arrow
quality assurance correction quality assurance correction


quality assurance step arrow
quality assurance delivery quality assurance delivery



At this stage, our engineers review the design documentation and technical requirements in order to draw up a detailed test plan.


The next step is to develop a test strategy, create test cases and produce QA testing services software. At this stage, automated testing is implemented and all the necessary scripts are prepared.


Tests are being launched, so we begin to monitor their effectiveness and unload all errors and defects. We also receive reports from automated tests. At this stage, smoke and UI/UX tests usually occur.


All information received from automated and manual tests is analyzed, critical and visible errors are corrected in order to start the testing cycle again (if necessary). At this stage, we also conduct regression testing to make sure that all changes didn't harm the product's performance.


Finally, we check the results obtained against the original requirements. We also create detailed reports on the work done. This is the final stage, after which the quality assurance work is considered complete.

Benefits of testing with us

QA outsourcing services from CodeIT have been riding high for more than 10 years for a reason. We are focused on maximizing efficiency and delivering value to our clients. In addition, we also offer a number of additional benefits for our customers, namely:

Rapid kick-off quality assurance rapid

We believe that speed is the most important criterion for success in today's turbulent world. That is why we aren't used to wasting your and our time in vain and are ready to do everything necessary to get started as soon as possible.

Flexible teams quality assurance flexible

Our experience tells us that the requirements for the test team may change. In this regard, we have developed a flexible structure for changing the size of test teams in order to meet new requirements and to use our and client's resources as efficiently as possible

Day-to-day reporting quality assurance Day-to-day reporting

We understand how important it is to track the QA process in order not to lose efficiency. Therefore, our test team is used to generating daily reports with all statistics, tasks performed, and overall progress. Such a report has a plain shape and can be provided in any format convenient for our clients.

Operational excellence quality assurance Operational excellence

We believe that only the toughest challenges and impossible goals can drive growth and progress. That is why we, as a QA services company, have worked out high standards for test specialists, the compliance with which is constantly monitored. We value our reputation and the trust that our clients place in us.

Rapid kick-off

quality assurance rapid
quality assurance rapid quality assurance rapid

Flexible teams

quality assurance flexible
quality assurance flexible quality assurance flexible

Day-to-day reporting

quality assurance Day-to-day reporting quality assurance Day-to-day reporting
quality assurance Day-to-day reporting quality assurance Day-to-day reporting

Operational excellence

quality assurance Operational excellence
quality assurance Operational excellence quality assurance Operational excellence

Why Us?

We are experienced

A cohesive team of highly qualified QA engineers, whose level is confirmed by certifications of international importance.

We are global

We have experience of collaborating with the representatives of 24 countries all around the globe and on all continents. Borders and time zones aren't an obstacle for us, we are ready to cooperate with you in a time zone that fits you most.

We provide a prompt response

We are ready to provide a personal face-to-face meeting anywhere in the world within 2 days. We understand that remote communication does not always correspond to the goals and objectives of your business. That is why we hold more than 30 offsite meetings in different countries every year.

We are fast

As a software testing services company, we believe that the ideal outcome of the quality assurance process is the most appropriate result with the fewest possible iterations. That is why the experience of our specialists is the most important criterion for us and our clients.

We automate processes

Automation-oriented approach. Of course, you can't carry out a quality assurance process without manual testing, especially in the early stages of a project. Nevertheless, we always try to minimize manual testing in order to avoid errors and speed up the testing process

We know the stakes

Your success is our story. Most of all, we value our reputation, which we have been developing and defending since 2007. Reputation is a delicate matter - it grows with words and is destroyed by commas. Therefore, our reputation directly depends on the success of our clients. We are not trying to hit the jackpot, we play in the same team with clients to achieve success.


How QA Testing Company Can Help My Business?
QA services are an integral part of the development of any software product. Testing will allow you to optimize the product, fix bugs and other errors, and prepare it for a collision with real users.
Can I hire QA testers in less than 48 hours?
Yes, you absolutely can. If you have read this article, then you have seen that we're ready to provide a prepared test team within 12 hours.
How Do You Provide QA Testing Services?
In short, our processes of quality assurance services consist of discussing requirements, assembling a team, and working out a test strategy asap. The team is not something monolithic and its size and focus can always be changed.
What type of talent does CodeIT have?
We have a large number of test engineers of various backgrounds and industries at our disposal. We try to cover the widest possible range of industries and cases in order to always be ready to provide our software quality assurance testing services to our clients.
What other services does CodeIT provide?
In addition to software testing services, our company is also engaged in the development of custom software solutions, the provision of marketing services, and business analysis.

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