Stock Monitoring And Trading Dashboard

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Industry Financial
Partnership period 6 months
Location USA
Team size 6

Project overview

The stock monitoring and trading dashboard is a custom-built solution. It helps traders facilitate many operations and implore their productivity.

The feature-rich system helps:

  • Monitor stocks in live time on 47 markets
  • Explore historical trading data
  • Track news and social media publications
  • Forecast stock prices using custom algorithms
  • Create several workspaces
  • Manage and export portfolios

The well-thought-out UI/UX design helps users navigate and place orders faster compared to other counterparts.

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Business goals

The client strived to develop a forward-looking solution for traders. The main goal of creating the trading system was to put the most useful features into one product. The new solution aimed to become an innovative trading system to eliminate the need to use various services.

With the help of a new web-based solution, the client strived to monitor stocks, analyze data, and make data-baked decisions conveniently and securely.


Our task

The client we had been working with on other projects for many years has reached our company with a new idea. The loyal client has requested us to develop a new system — a one-stop and feature-rich tool to help traders enhance their performance.

We had to gather a team of specialists to build a web-based stock tracking software and trading dashboard from scratch and make it live on the Internet. Moreover, our team had to develop custom algorithms to forecast stock prices and test all the functionality.



The product development process implied four major stages that helped turn an idea into a fully-functional digital system for traders.

Planning icon Planning and requirements analysis

We have analyzed all the requirements thoroughly to develop a digital solution to help the client achieve all the business goals.

Our experts have created a coherent product development roadmap, picked the right technologies, helped choose API integrations, and created a team set.

Planning icon Trading platform development

We have onboarded software engineers and begun the development of a stock monitoring tool and trading dashboard. With the help of well-established collaborative and communication environments, the project manager controlled all the processes effectively. The client was involved in the product building as well.

Also, we’ve created the continuous integration and continuous deployment CI/CD pipeline. It helped us achieve greater performance and enhanced quality of work.

Main features

Analysis icon
Detailed assets analysis

Traders can pick an asset to check its historical and current prices to predict future trends.

Real-time update icon
Real-time updates

The custom trading dashboard can fetch data about equities, ETFs, and indices on 47 markets.

Indicators icon
Combined indicators

A convenient tool foresees the opportunity to combine various indicators on traded assets.

Trading data icon
Historical trading data

The inbuilt functionality helps conveniently explore a large amount of historical trading information in the form of reports.

Portfolio icon
Portfolio management

Traders can manage their portfolios in the system and export them in a few clicks.

Forecasting icon
Prices forecasting

Custom algorithms can analyze large amounts of raw data and forecast stock prices.

Workspaces icon
Several workspaces

Users can create various workspaces and establish custom working environments using many monitors.

Monitoring icon
News and social media monitoring

The system’s functionality can monitor news portals and social media to deliver relevant news and useful insights fast.

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Product testing

After developing all the features, our experts reviewed the code and conducted automated testing using Selenium.

Selenium logo

Also, quality assurance specialists have completed the acceptance testing to ensure that all the features worked correctly before releasing the stock tracking software and trading dashboard.


Trading system release

We have configured the live server and released the app to make the trading system live. Our team has configured the following cloud servers:

AWS logo Google Cloud Engine logo

The live servers were configured according to the expected load. The storage and computing power of the cloud servers can be increased upon demand.


The result

Our team of six qualified experts has created a comprehensive solution for traders from scratch in six months. The system has many features that help monitor a lot of information and analyze it for data-backed trading.

Users can use the trading dashboard to monitor real-time data, receive valuable insights, get forecasts on stock prices, share portfolios, and review historical trading data.

Our team

  • Business Analysis
  • Project manager
  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer
  • QA engineer
  • DevOps

Technology stack

ReactJS, ChartIQ, AG Grid
Java Spring, Netfix OSS, Commons Net, GSON, JUnit
3rd Parties
Wall Street Horizon API, MorningStar API, CRUX API, FinSemble API

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