Our web development company will build, maintain and grow your digital experience with web app development services of best quality tailored to the needs of your business domain. With back end and front end web development we provide, you will be able to achieve any business goal faster than your competitors. Opting for our custom web development service means that you get responsive web applications and sites created with the most relevant and reliable techs.
Choosing a company of wide expertise in web development, you choose a modern web solution for delivering the best user experience to your customers.


  • java
  • node.js
  • react
  • php
  • python
  • angular


  • fast
  • responsive
  • user friendly


It's a known fact - if your website is on the top of search results to the relevant queries, your chances to be discovered by potential customers multiply drastically. We can help you with the visibility by developing web solutions that are suitable for crawling and indexation.


Statistics show that about 40% of people will leave the website that loads more than 3 seconds, and 75% of people will not return to the website that loaded longer than 4 seconds. Web development service assures fast loading websites by minimizing HTTP Requests, reducing server response time, using CDNs, APIs, enabling compression and browser caching, upgrading the DB, sharding etc.


We support the latest versions of all modern browsers and devices and implement the best practices to make our web solutions and the content compatible with them. Our web development specialists work with responsive style sheets, CSS frameworks, javascript libraries, W3C validation etc. and make websites suitable for any browser and device.

user friendly

A good web solution helps its users to find what they look for in a couple of clicks. An understandable menu, simple navigation, “F-pattern” content layout, good site organization, breadcrumbs, dropdowns, clickable items etc. All of this is defined in terms of what the website is supposed to do, and how users are expected to do it. Together with you, we create value for your users through the “intuitive navigation” approach.


Every business needs the customers to engage with the corresponding website, so it has to be interactive and involving. We have an impressive experience in developing websites with the perfect balance between the usability and interactivity. Our web development engineers can help you evolve your idea and create something interactive and outstanding-looking.


Cloud storage is a great way to make your website “light” and reduce operating costs. With Cloud, you can lower the load on the website, synchronize the content between multiple hostings, page rendering in browser speeds up and it can be used together with the CDN. Our web development services offer Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Windows Azure, Rackspace.


The website is the first mean of communication between you and your clients, that creates the 1st impression. For that reason, you need a solid and reliable website that will show stable performance, work fast and smoothly, compatible with every device. CodeIT web development team makes sure that your website needs to undergo changes only by your request, and not because of some major problem.
  • interactive
  • cloud-friendly
  • solid



Requirements analysis

CodeIT professionals collect business requirements: the aim of the project, what the product does, who and how will use it. As a result, the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) is created.


At this web development stage, our experts specify software, hardware and system requirements, define the overall system architecture and what DB should be used. Sketches, mockups, wireframes are created here to visualize the product.


This is the main part of the project from the development point of view. This stage includes actual coding and unit-testing performed by the web development team. For big projects, our business managers divide the development process into several release parts, in order to show the client what has been done progressively. The finished product goes to Testing.


CodeIT QA Engineers test the product in order to check if it works as expected according to the predefined requirements. It can be performed manually or through the automated testing. Our specialists perform testing at all levels: Unit, Integration, System, Release and Acceptance Testing. Additionally, we divide it into Functional, Non-functional and Change-related.


At this stage of web development, the product is given to the customer with the whole package of documentation including system description and user’s manual.


CodeIT web development specialists handle change requests from users or clients of the developed product. This is one of the ways to add functionality enhancements, delete obsolete elements and optimize the system.