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The Project

DüzyIOD is a video player solution that allows to sell, search and buy products while watching the video. This solution is a transactional video platform that conveniently combines content with commerce to create an immersive shoppable experience.

our task

The concept of the Duzy platform was to take online shopping to the next level. To create the whole platform from scratch we first needed to define what value it brought to the customers. To buy something online is no fresh news, but to have the ability to purchase a thing you like directly from the video while watching it - this is something extraordinary.

The idea behind creating the DüzyIOD platform was to make it the perfect trading and video-marketing place for the following groups:

Online stores
Private sellers

Our main task was to create a platform that provided:

  • Real-time eCommerce experience while watching the video
  • A simple selling tool based on “what you see is what you get”
  • Full analytics for the retailers to see how the sales are going through the platform
  • Connecting retailers online stores to the platform to provide a wider outreach
  • Create options to embed the shoppable video on other online resources
  • Sell right through the video, no “visit my store” or “add to cart” CTAs

The Implementation

Business Analysis
We started by gathering background information on the project and collecting the scope, requirements, and business objectives. Together with the Stakeholders, the Business Analyst identified the business objectives of the platform that we needed to implement using our technological stack.

This stage involved the following steps:

  • Defining the project vision (including a description of the product’s target audience and business idea).
  • Creating backlog containing user stories (in other words the functionality required by the user fulfilled by the product) and acceptance criteria for each user story.
  • Prioritize the order of implementation for each user story.
  • Dividing the product backlog to sprints.
  • Designing wireframes to demonstrate the product’s planned functionality (if necessary).
  • Analyzing 3rd-party APIs to interact with the system.
  • Perform regular updates with the team and the client during the development process.

As a result, we received the following business objectives and expectations:

Ability to connect the online store to the platform.
Possibility to add product items to the downloaded videos/images
Generate a link for the video which can be next used in commercial purposes all over the Internet (online stores, blogs, social networks, etc.)
Possibility to view the products without interrupting video content;
Possibility to add items into the shopping cart within the video window and proceed to checkout
The workflow was divided into sprints and separated into 2 parts that went in parallel - for those who sell through the platform, and for those who buy accordingly.

- Player

In the 1st sprint, we started with creating a custom video player that would support the shoppable features and provide a quality user experience to Buyers for each browser. Apart from allowing users to play/stop/rewind, mute or full screen the video as for any other player, it also had to give quick access to instant shopping.

- In-video shop

The team added an interactive logo in the bottom right corner of the video - when the user clicked the video 2 icons “to share” and “shopping cart” appeared. By clicking the shopping cart users could see the catalog with all the items connected to the video, add them to cart and pay for them while the video is playing in the background.

duzy video shop

- Cart

After choosing all the items they like and in the needed quantity users proceed to the cart to confirm the purchase and pay. In a few moments, users receive the confirmation that the payment has been processed.
For example, if the person is watching the add for the new season supplies in the sporting goods store, he or she can simply see the items right in the video and instantly purchase them without even leaving the house. Interactive shoppable content has never been that easy!

duzy cart

- Seller registration

The situation for the Seller functionality was a bit different as they were the ones who fill the videos with their products, thus they needed to have their personal dashboard and individual access.
The first and foremost is the login - in the MVP version of the product we left the email registration and login only.

duzy seller-registration

The Dashboard opens in the Media menu showing users the tips of what to do next. At the first login, the system immediately shows the tips about what steps need to be taken first. Users can not upload media files until they add at least one store to the system.

duzy dashboard

- Adding a store

Users can close the tips and by clicking “Add your first store” move to the Stores tab. The “Add your first media” is inactive at that moment to make sure users don’t get lost and follow the required steps.
At the moment our team realized integration with 3 platforms: eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify.
When the store is added users can start creating shoppable media. Here the system also shows tips to make the experience as easy as possible, but you can turn them off any moment. Nevertheless, the short guide explains how to easily upload the media file and connect the items from the store to it. Due to the connection between the store and the platform all the items are automatically uploaded to your dashboard and you can simply choose what items to add to the video. The player automatically converts videos after uploading, so users can upload literally any type of file.

- Publishing the video

When the video is uploaded and the required items are added, Sellers can save it as a draft and publish whenever they like. Videos should contain at least one item from the store, otherwise, the “Publish” button will stay inactive. After the video is published the system generates links that can be used to share it in various online resources. Naturally, users can edit or delete their media files at any moment.

- Analytics

To see how the sales are going, what videos people watch and in which countries the platform also includes the Analytics section. It tracks the behavior of the audience giving detailed customers insights. Through the easy-to-use dashboard you can:

  • Determine where your visitors are located
  • See the important metrics like views, sales or revenue
  • Brief statistics gives the user the understanding of certain sales key points
  • Users can monitor what devices people access their shops more often
  • And the list of most popular products updates in the real-time
duzy charts

Technology Stack

duzy shopify duzy twilio duzy amazon-s3 duzy woocommerce duzy stripe duzy ebay duzy paypal duzy amazon-elastic duzy amazon-lambda
JavaScript HTML/CSS Vue js NodeJS MongoDB Angular AWS Cloudfront Elasticsearch Google Analytics Amazon Web Services

Our Input

CodeIT Professionals have created the world’s first shoppable video solution, which can be integrated with eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify eCommerce platforms. We continue to work on the project, constantly improving it and adding new features.

Business Analysis
Front-end dev
Back-end dev
QA manual
QA Automation

client review

duzy reviewer
PJ Chesson
Chief Executive Officer Duzy IOD, LLC
duzy quotes
“Have done some work with these guys and have to say that I'm beyond impressed with their level of knowledge and professionalism. Some of the brightest IT developers in the game. We've worked with IT firms all over the globe and these guys have outperformed all from the language barrier, skill sets, knowledge depth, and integrity. They have in house project managers and business analysts that assist in bringing a startup from an idea to the market. This was very important for us. A definite two thumbs up for these guys!”

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