Restaurant Takeout & Food Delivery Platform

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Industry Food Ordering Service
Partnership period 2021 - ongoing
Location Ukraine
Team size 4
Services Web Development Quality Assurance UX/UI Design Project Management

Project overview

The system is an online platform with a selection of restaurants where customers can order and get delivered food from any restaurant in any city in Ukraine.

Users can select a city, pick restaurants, review dishes, and place food delivery orders. Restaurants can list their menus by creating customized pages.


Our task

Our team was requested to develop a web application to connect restaurants with clients who order takeaway delivery. The idea behind the platform was to collect as many food delivery services as possible in one place to provide systematic online ordering. The system had to be understandable and easy to use for end users.



We have allocated a team of tech specialists to create a fully-functional system. Discover all the steps of the restaurant takeout & food delivery platform development below.

Requirements elicitation and planning

For starters, we conducted one-a-one meetings with the client to discover all the project requirements, possible gaps, etc.

Our specialists helped the client to define all the features of the future restaurant takeout & food delivery platform, picked the best technologies, and prepared a product development plan.

The platform had to include the following features:

  • a list of cities where the platform is available
  • a list of restaurants connected to the platform
  • the registration process for customers and restaurants
  • customized pages for every restaurant
  • a dedicated web portal for restaurants

Also, we have defined the three roles that had access to different functionality.

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Product Development

We have allocated software engineers with the required skill sets and initiated the project. The assigned UX/UI designer has created a web app mockup.

Software engineers needed to separate the platform itself from the admin panel to develop the app.

Food ordering platform

The platform provides a list of food-delivery places and restaurants close to the user's location. After entering the website, users choose their location on the map or from the list below the map to see the list of restaurants available for ordering and delivery.

The key features that end users can access are the following.

Registration page


Registration isn't obligatory to place orders using the platform.

To get access to all the platform's features, users need to sign up for the platform using their email addresses.

Registered users can:

  • check the rating of restaurants and sort them
  • submit feedback
  • check special offers
  • receive personalized discounts
Restaurants listing page

Restaurants listing

A user selects their location using a map. Alternatively, they can pick a city from the list below the map.

The listing implies all the restaurants in a selected city that are sorted:

  • randomly — for unregistered users
  • by rating — for registered users

Every restaurant tile implies the following information:

  • working hours
  • star rating
  • minimum order amount
  • deliver price
  • link to reviews
Restaurant page

Custom restaurant pages

Every restaurant can create a custom page to list the dishes available for ordering. The design of personal pages can be customized to match brand identity.

The custom page implies the list of dishes, including the following details:

  • name
  • weight
  • ingredients
  • price
  • allergens indication
  • “add to cart” button
Order page

Order and Checkout

Users must put selected dishes in their carts to compose an order.

By hitting the cart button in the top right corner of the web application, users get redirected to the order placement page. They need to specify the following details:

  • contact information
  • delivery address
  • payment method (online or cash)

After submitting an order, the restaurant owner receives a notification about a new order completed by a user on the platform.

Admin panel

The admin panel provides the functionality for restaurants. Restaurant owners logged in to the separate online portal that contained a dashboard with various information.

Restaurant owners can:

  • Receive orders submitted by clients
  • Add or remove their restaurants from the list
  • Fill in the restaurant data
  • Set opening hours and holidays
  • Combine and edit their menu, set prices, and indicate allergens and ingredients
  • See the ranks and feedback left by the clients
  • Check sales and invoices online

Every restaurant can create a personalized ordering page to match the corporate design. Franchise owners can install pages that are configured according to the established standards.



Software engineers reviewed the code thoroughly to eliminate the number of bugs. Additionally, we have involved quality assurance QA engineers to check the system before releasing it. The assigned QA specialists checked every feature to ensure the system worked flawlessly.



We have configured a web server and attached a domain name. Our specialists have released the platform, making it available for all users on the Internet.



Our team has delivered a platform with all the requested features on time. Also, we conducted a gap analysis and suggested product development improvements to create a fully-fledged platform.

Want to develop a food-ordering service?

Our team

  • Project manager
  • UX/UI designer
  • Web developer
  • Front-end developer
  • QA engineer

Technology stack

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PayPal API

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