ConnectSx —
Medical Inventory Management Apps

Industry Healthcare
Partnership period 2018 - ongoing
Location USA
Team size 7

Client and business goals

The client is a US-based company that aims to streamline the surgical inventory chain by developing innovative digital solutions, including web and mobile applications.

Striving to reduce inefficiencies, the company’s stakeholders decided to develop new software that facilitates medical inventory and knowledge management.

Chris-Riedel Chris Riedel, Co-founder and CEO of ConnectSx
“I have been working with CodeIT for the past 4 years, and they have consistently exceeded my expectations. They are an integral part of our team, working closely with us as we define, build, and iterate a complex product in a complex industry. There is a shared sense of pride and ownership in our platform, which is not easy to find in a development partner. No matter where our business takes us, as long as there are development needs, CodeIT will be a part of our team.”

Project overview

Initially, the client has drawn one iOS developer to review the code of the existing application and fix bugs. The company’s CEO was highly satisfied with the results we showcased in the first six months, so he decided to delegate more software development tasks to CodeIT. Eventually, the number of allocated experts increased to 10 tech specialists.

Our augmented IT specialists have turned into a remote product development team that helped create new feature-rich web and mobile applications from scratch. The dedicated team has rebooted the project and developed three standalone applications from scratch.

Draw software developers with the domain expertise to create an inventory-tracking app!


Our task

The CodeIT team was required to tackle many tasks in the ever-changing environment. Our tech experts were involved in different project stages to share expertise and develop requested solutions.

The most challenging tasks our team has taken on are:

  • Optimize the existing solution
  • Conduct a technical audit
  • Develop new web and mobile apps from scratch
  • Improve inventory management processes
  • Facilitate knowledge management and delivery

Learn more about CodeIT's input in the project below.


Our input

The CodeIT's input to the project can be broken down into four major stages.

Consalting icon 1. Staff augmentation

Our company was hired to provide tech experts for the client's project. 

Initially, we allocated a senior iOS developer who was involved in fixing bugs detected in the existing software. Within a year, the number of allocated CodeIT experts increased to 10 team members.

The flexible cooperation model enabled the client to change the team composition upon demand to tackle ever-changing tasks.

Customer support icon 2. Technical audit

The client hired CodeIT experts to conduct a technical audit of the project to find out the best way to implement all the solutions with defined features.

The allocated experts have analyzed project requirements, business goals, and other documents. They have picked the best technologies, defined the apps' architecture, created a UI/UX design, and prepared a thorough project reboot plan. 

Customer support icon 3. Project reboot

After reviewing the technical audit report, the client considered developing new web and mobile applications from scratch instead of increasing the complexity of the existing solutions to achieve long-term business goals. We’ve applied new architectures and technologies to create new feature-rich applications.

The reboot of the project helped to increase the performance of applications, develop new features, and ensure the possibility of continuous growth of the project.

Customer support icon 4. New software development

CodeIT’s specialists allocated to the project have turned into a dedicated project team. We’ve aligned business processes and developed applications with the defined feature sets. The well-versed team of tech specialists worked as a single unit, sharing outstanding tech expertise with the client’s on-site team.

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Solutions developed

The audit conducted by our team defined the need to develop various applications to meet all the project’s goals. The three feature-rich apps developed by our tech experts are as follows.

Inventory management web app

Capsule screen

The web application that enables full visibility into inventory in medical organizations. The web app works in different browsers on desktops and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The core features foresee the opportunity for users to:

  • Manage and track all the inventory
  • Integrate data from third-party systems
  • Automatically track products expiration dates
  • Collect and analyze product usage statistics

Inventory management mobile app

Capsule screen

The mobile application works on iOS devices, including smartphones and tablets. It delivers all the required functionality for tracking and managing inventory. Also, the application supports the offline mode so that a stable network connection is not obligatory.

Using the mobile-optimized desktop application, users can:

  • Manage and track all the inventory items
  • Search items and explore their history
  • Submit transfer requests
  • Integrate data from third-party systems
  • Automatically track products expiration dates
  • Track lost medical items
  • Automatically submit sales forms
  • Collect and analyze product usage statistics

UDI scanning mobile app

Capsule screen

The mobile application can be installed on Android and Apple devices for free. It enables the opportunity to scan unique device identifiers (UDI) codes and discover product details. Besides, the application helps track the history of scanned items and share it in a few clicks.

Chris Riedel, Co-founder and CEO of ConnectSx
“We have a very close working relationships. We manage them as a part of our team, integrated into our process. Delivery is always within the acceptable margin, and they are always responsive to our needs.”


The project grew from one iOS team manager involved in fixing bugs in an existing app to a dedicated development team engaged in creating web and mobile apps from scratch. 

The cooperation process has passed through four major stages: staff augmentation, technical audit, project reboot, and new software development.

The continuous project growth was ensured by the CodeIT’s:

  • well-versed team
  • domain expertise
  • properly aligned processes
  • ready-to-go resources
  • dedication to solving problems

The primary outcome of the project is three standalone applications:

  1. Inventory management web app
  2. Inventory management mobile app
  3. UDI scanning mobile app

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Our team

  • 2 Java developers
  • 2 Front-end developers
  • QA engineer
  • Project manager
  • DevOps engineer

Technology stack

Web console: Java, Angular
Mobile apps: Swift, Objective-C, iOS SDK (Cocoa Touch, UIKit), iOS Frameworks (Core Location, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Text), REST API, Auto layout, Push notifications, Eureka sdk
Networking: Alamofire, JWTDecode
UI: UIKit, Eureka
Barcodescanner: Natively (AVFoundation)
Distribution: Bitrise, TestFlight (AppStore Connect)
Dependencies: SPM
Others: KeychainAccess, R.swift

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