Solution for online medical laboratory

App screen
Industry Healthcare
Location US
Team size 8

The client

The client is a healthcare startup that has set the goal of speeding up and optimizing the collection and evaluation of medical analysis as much as possible.



In an effort to achieve the goals and occupy a niche, the client turned to us to work out a completely new solution from scratch. To do this, we needed to involve not only a business analyst and a technical team, but also a solution architect. It was decided to create a mobile application that will take a photo of the gathered analysis and send it to the laboratory for tests. The critical point was the client's desire to make this process fast and get a legitimate result.

After 11 months of cooperation, we provided the client with a fully working application that is capable of issuing an understandable document as a result of laboratory analysis.


Product’s main features

  • A powerful medical analysis system designed to help speed up the testing process
  • A clear automatically-generated result in the form of a legitimate, HIPAA/CCPA and GDPR-compliant document
  • Collaboration with the best labs
  • Wide scope of appliance: from penitentiary services and state institutions to HR-related needs of any company
  • Test kits for quick analysis - just gather a sample and pick a test to run
  • Reader's manual to help you read the test documentation correctly
  • Test results can be transmitted and stored in all authorized result libraries

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Our team

  • Flutter developer
  • 2 Back-end developers (Django)
  • QA engineer
  • Business analysis
  • UI\UX designer
  • Project manager
  • Solution architect

Technology stack

  • Flutter
  • Python
  • React
Duration: Since January 2021

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