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Partnership period 2022 - ongoing
Location USA
Team size 11

Project overview

The portal is a one-stop solution that foresees the opportunity to collect all the crucial sports data in one place. Also, users can create and share posts with other community members.

The top platform’s features are:

  • social media functionality
  • content aggregation
  • threads and posts creation
  • likes, polls, and comments
  • recent statistics
  • sport games live streams
  • sports-centric approach

The platform can process and display large amounts of different data without compromising performance, thanks to a unique tech solution developed by our team.

Moreover, the rich functionality of the portal helps sports fans connect with each other, share information, discover recent news, and support their teams virtually in one place.

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Our task

The client has hired our team to develop a top-tier online platform for data collection and sharing. 

Our specialists were required to develop a platform that could fetch a lot of content pieces from different sources and arrange them on one screen. Also, we were requested to create the functionality to help sports fans connect with each other, share their thoughts, etc.



To develop a product that meets all the requirements specified by the client, our team had to find solutions to several challenges.


Our tech experts were required to solve many issues to develop a top-notch application. We had to create an online application that fetches a lot of information from different sources and puts it on one screen. The data should be updated in live time to deliver the most current statistics. Also, assigned software engineers had to integrate valuable third-party services into the platform.


For starters, our team has defined all the problems and created a thorough implementation plan to develop an application with the required functionality.

Social media functionality

Sports fans can communicate with like-minded people, make new connections, join communities, etc. Also, they can send direct messages and create group chats.

The developed platform has a convenient interface. It foresees the opportunity to discover the platform’s users and connect with them.

Also, users can host and join audio rooms to communicate with other fans using voice messages.


Content sharing and consuming

Our team has integrated an open-source tried-and-tested digital solution to add social media functionality.

The open-source solution was customized to meet the established UX/UI standards. 

It offers the opportunity for users to do the following:  

  • create and manage threads
  • create and publish posts
  • search, filter, and sort publications
  • discover new publications of followed users on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

High performance

Since many distinctive content pieces are displayed, a unique solution was developed to keep the high performance.

All the content pieces are divided into two parts: 

  • Static: text, images, videos, etc.
  • Dynamic: likes, comments, polls, statistics, reactions, etc.

The use of static content reduces the load on the application. Dynamic and static content pieces are merged in the frontend.


Content arrangement

A large number of content pieces are fetched from different sources and are displayed on one screen.

Our team has developed a well-thought-out layout to arrange all the elements so that users can consume the content conveniently.

The app’s interface combines several news feeds that are updated automatically. Users can scroll to discover new content pieces.


User engagement

In order to keep the platform’s users engaged, our team has developed and added a lot of features that enrich communication and improve user experience. The top features:

  • links sharing
  • comments
  • polls
  • reactions
  • notifications

Live streams Buyer icon

The platform foresees the opportunity for sports fans to follow all the events in live time.

Live streams of sports events are available to watch directly on the platform. Moreover, live streams have additional functionality to engage users.

Sports fans can monitor detailed statistics in live time. Also, they can share comments, reactions, likes, etc.

Live-time content updating

The platform grants access to live streams of sports events. 

Users can discover them by scrolling the feed or receiving notifications. Live streams imply game statistics that are updated in live time. 

Sports fans can access recent statistics on selected games, teams, and players. Also, users can discover teams' rankings or explore games' schedules.


Sports-centric approach

Being focused on sports events, the all-in-one platform enables fans to stay engaged outside a pitch.

The top sports-centric features help users to do the following:

  • follow sports events
  • check statistics
  • discover sports news
  • communicate with like-minded users
  • join public discussions


The combination of different technologies and innovative solutions has helped our team develop a feature-rich sports info sharing and aggregation platform. It helps users explore the latest news, check statistics, purchase tickets, watch live streams, and share publications in one place.

Our team

1 Project manager
3 UI/UX designers
2 Full-stack developers
1 Back-end developer
1 Quality assurance specialist


Node.js (TypeScript)
Styled Components

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