With the wide expertise in custom eLearning and educational software development our company acquired by building successful projects, we have been actively providing educational solutions for over 10 years.
In eLearning web and mobile development, we regard the high standards of education industry and its present urgent need for highly manageable software of wide range functionality of integrated video-chat, personalized study plans, tracking and scheduling tools, interactive dashboards, and more. When creating corporate eLearning solutions, we take a step further and bring best results in update and improvement of the existing systems customizing eLearning app development to specific clients’ requirements.


Education Sector

Education Sector

Education organizations use the capability of technology for deeper engaging target audience. Our developers bring innovation to education industry by building custom eLearning solutions tailored to the needs of learning process participants.
corporate Sector

Corporate sector

Corporate training shows best performance upon deployment of customized eLearning functionalities that regard the needs specific of corporate learners. Another benefit making corporate education software advantageous is its optimized cost.
e-learning business

e-learning business

To create the steady revenue and strategy of growth for your eLearning business, you need reliable educational software and management tools customized according to requirements that imply fail-proof content delivery and means for its monetization.

Custom E-Learning Solutions We Develop

Learning Management Systems

Unlike off-the-shelf learning management systems, custom-made solutions feature a wider spectrum of options personalized and optimized for better content interoperability. Whether you aim at utilizing analytics and reporting tools, course planning and auto-publication functionality in LMS, our company can implement it.

Educational Platforms

Recognizing the benefits of personalized approach in education, we build custom digital learning platforms that provide comprehensive tools for enrolling, scheduling, course building, peer-to-peer assessment, media sharing and conferencing both on mobile and desktop for user convenience.

Online training software

With implementing online training software, your employees can easily skill up by getting access to personalized learning courses. Opting for custom training software comes as a lower cost solution comparing to maintenance of rented learning space and regular payments to in-house teachers.

School Management and Administration Software

School management and administration software automates administrative routine including attendance and grading, saves tons of time on tiresome paperwork, sends out mass newsletters to students, etc. Applying school management software, you ensure efficiency of the educational process and foster productivity for teachers, school administration and students alike.

Mobile Learning Applications

With availability of courses on mobile educational applications, students get easy access to relevant content, which enables businesses to have a deeply engaged and loyal audience. We develop iOS and Android mobile learning apps to facilitate learning, tracking and content management at best.

Special education software

With custom special education software, you empower a learning process with advanced monitoring solutions catering to the requirements of individuals with special needs (children with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities) and enabling them to get access to the general education curriculum.

Features for Educational Solutions

Video and audio conference
Interactive dashboard
Students' performance tracking
Analytics and reporting tools
File and media sharing
Task management tool
Automated content delivery
Payment integration

why you need our expertise?

Wide-range functionality

Deploying AR/VR technologies, we build innovative learning environments to bring enhanced experience to users in result-oriented interacting with the learning resources and materials. Implementing Artificial Intelligence, we achieve full automation in organizing the busy schedule as well as content delivery and processing to take a personalized approach that ensures high eLearning ROI.

Smooth integrations

The scope and ease of eLearning software integrations greatly enhances the learning experience:

  • Third-party educational solutions
  • Collaboration tools for teams
  • Corporate software integration
  • Online payment options

High usability and scalability

Owing to our experience, we focus on usability, mobility and scalability as must-have requirements when it comes to eLearning software functionalities:

  • Optimized eLearning solutions for any platform, resolution, or screen
  • Mobile-friendly UX and UI design
  • Supporting a growing number of users

Compliant and accessible software

CodeIT creates solutions in full conformity to eLearning standards and regulations:

  • eLearning standards, including SCORM and xAPI
  • Conformed to privacy regulations (GDPR)
  • Guidelines on accessibility (WCAG 2.1)
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