A buyer persona (or a customer persona) is a portrait of your ideal customer based on the market research and a real data about your existing customers. Understanding your buyer persona is important for anything that relates to customer acquisition and retention:

  • How they look for solutions of their needs?
  • What is important for them while they choose where to buy?
  • How choosing and buying behavior differs from person to person?
  • What affects these differences and how they can be measured?

Systematized answers on these questions is actually buyer persona matrix, and it’s what we help brands to create.

How do we help?

First of all we create a customer journey map. Customer journey is the experience that the customer goes through before making a purchase decision. Then we create a buyer persona matrix. Combination of both will help you to be closer to your customers in the areas where they are looking for what you are offering to the market, and to broadcast your expertise and help, adding more and more arguments in favour of buying from you.

How do we execute the process


We ask you to provide us with the information about your customers that you already have. It can be either your own vision, data from the CRM, analytics for the previous marketing efforts (ads and campaigns), data based on your existing clients. All this information helps us evaluate what value your brand offers to the market.


We use dozens of tools to search for competitive brands, get all the details about your customers, define and systemize patterns in metrics:
  • What they search for in Google;
  • What Social media publishers they read;
  • What websites they visit
  • What social media they use to share information
  • What influencers they follow etc.


As a result of the first 2 steps we provide you with the matrix that contains the characteristics of your target audience and the key points why they would choose your brand.


We will further use the buyer persona matrix for the following purposes:
  • Effective content marketing planning
  • Effective ads setting
  • Precise media publishment