Incorporating eCommerce solutions is crucial for the business, as the online shopping market is ever-expanding, changing, and innovating these days. CodeIT provides remarkable custom eCommerce development services covering the main stages of the development process from defining client goals and business analysis to coding and solution implementation.
With extensive experience and knowledge in eCommerce software development, our dedicated team of professionals delivers innovative and scalable solutions for mid-sized and large businesses representing various industries such as Retail, Media, Entertainment, Finance, Education, Healthcare, etc.

E-commerce Development Services


The scope of e-commerce & retail consulting services we provide includes:

  • Business analysis
  • Strategy development and roadmap creation
  • Improvements to existing systems
  • Assistance in the migration to
  • Architecture and technology consulting
  • Defining buyer personas
  • Mapping typical customer journeys

e-commerce website design

Our designers create modern interfaces and implement outstanding customer experience via UX/UI design:

  • Responsive and mobile-ready UIs
  • UX research and audit
  • Competitors’ design analysis
  • Intuitive web store navigation
  • Product page layout for higher conversions
  • Website redesign services
  • Usability testing
  • Brand identity for your online presence

e-commerce web & mobile development

Our experience covers eCommerce mobile and web development:

  • High-performance backend systems
  • Flexible and scalable architectures
  • Feedback-driven feature enhancement
  • Custom extensions and plugins
  • Full-featured mCommerce apps
  • Configuration and customization


We integrate custom e-commerce solutions with any third-party software:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
  • Payment gateways
  • Marketing automation software
  • Inventory and order management systems
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Social media integration


Our team ensures proper data transfer to keep your business data's integrity secure:

  • Current solution revision
  • Backup, audit and verify your data
  • Technology consulting
  • Content migration
  • Custom design changes
  • Data migration
  • SEO data migration


Improve customer digital experience, unlock new sales opportunities, and grow your business:

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Gain competitive advantage with custom e-commerce solutions

Convenient mobile commerce
Robust data privacy and security
Layered navigation search
Data-driven approach
Award-winning design
Successful shopping experience
Unique functionality and options
Secure 3rd party payment gateways

E-commerce Development Solutions

As a leading eCommerce development company, CodeIT provides full-cycle software development services to businesses globally offering backend, frontend, and infrastructure solutions for a smooth online store operation. We provide quality service bringing perfect e-commerce solutions ranging from full-fledged platforms to shopping carts and mCommerce applications enabling businesses to increase revenue.
Online stores
Our skilled eCommerce developers design and build online stores including important customer features like account, profile, order tracking, email templates, refunds, etc. We also integrate e-shops with online payment gateways, CRM and ERP systems.
We create B2B, B2C and P2P online marketplaces wherein distributors, vendors, and buyers can interact to collaborate easily for purchasing and selling. At the same time, our custom solutions make sure all specific needs are met efficiently.
Shopping carts
We create custom
e-commerce shopping carts where users can place their products with the capability to pay in real time, leave reviews, create wishlists, get special offers, continue to browse the site while they shop, and see current store inventory.
Custom CMS
Сustom Content Management Systems (CMS) we create are designed to easily manage your e-commerce solutions. With CMS, responsible users can seamlessly create, update and delete products, categories, content, prices, and pages.
mCommerce apps
With innovations, mCommerce or mobile shopping has made its mark in online businesses these days. Having mCommerce application development gives easy access to the business while promising high security and great shopping experience to its customers. More

advanced technologies we use

AI Solutions
Artificial Intelligence brings a wide range of e-commerce business opportunities. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants provide automated customer services, recommendations, and intelligent search for personalized shopping experience.
Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is currently increasing its use cases in e-commerce strategies. With IoT, it is easier to reach customers through connected devices and sensors with the following data aggregation and analysis to trigger response actions and deliver actionable insights.
With enhanced product visualization possible due to Augmented and Virtual Reality, online shops can gain more traction as they enhance customer experience, provide detailed information on products and help boost sales.