Our healthcare software development company has a wide expertise in delivering custom healthcare solutions and development services. You get healthcare web and mobile app development, seamless integrations with third-party systems, secure data storage, medical big data and analytics. Projects are performed under the guidance of the experienced team of business analysts, software developers, quality assurance engineers. By applying our software, healthcare providers automatically fill any gaps in doctor-patient interaction.


Telehealth technology enables medical businesses operate on a new level of management and improve the business scalability by assisting in reaching patients remotely. Our team successfully works on developing telemedicine apps of any complexity.
Patient Portals
Create versatile patient portals for optimization of clinical practice workflows and guaranteed increase of patients’ engagement. Give medical practitioners and patients instant access to medical records and scheduling appointments from web and mobile.
EHR/EMR Systems
We offer software development of EHR/EMR systems in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. EHR systems give a full overview of patients’ medical data in real-time and have multiple functions for successful internal management of medical practices.
Medical Practice Management Solutions
We assist in developing software for medical practice that facilitates everyday healthcare business operations. It makes our service effective in solving finance-related tasks, insurance claims management, inventory and procurement.
Clinical & health management
Healthcare software solutions for clinical and health management allow to build smooth workflows, secure patient data, monitor patient progress in the remote mode and bring personalized care.
Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions
Generating and processing large amounts of medical data is possible only with relevant healthcare solutions. They bring effective results in the domain of security and reliability, which are top priorities when it comes to patients’ health-related data.

mobile health

Our company provides medical app development services with a wide range of mobile health apps catering to the specific needs of patients and doctors. Mobile healthcare solutions that we deliver vary from fitness and nutrition apps, mental health apps, women’s health apps to complex chronic disease management software.


Appointment scheduling
Electronic health records
Dashboard to track patient progress
Push notifications
Real-time chat for doctors and patients
Online Bill Payment
Real Time Monitoring
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why us?

Deployment of modern technologies

Our expert team of data scientists can build a proper strategy based on deployment of modern technologies for your healthcare business. CodeIT has vast experience in creating augmented and virtual reality solutions and integrating tools based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data into healthcare systems.

Regulatory Compliance

For unlocking the efficiency when working on healthcare software development, our analytical and engineering teams pay special attention to providing solutions in accordance with HIPAA compliance. The experts in Business Analysis do vast research for identifying the solution that would be applicable to industry regulations. The engineers develop software modules under the guidance of HIPAA Technical Standards.

Domain knowledge

Medical expertise is crucial for successful development in creating custom healthcare solutions. Our team has diverse technical and medical industry skills with the proven portfolio of medical software development projects. Knowledge of healthcare system complexity along with vast software engineering skills determine success in developing catered solutions.

Transparent projects

We advocate the idea of transparency in delivering the development results. Create transparency of healthcare software development projects and get an adequate price by participating in the product creation process at all the stages from the analysis to deployment.

Dedicated development services

The average duration for custom development project completion in healthcare ranges from weeks to months and years. With the dedicated development team of our experts, you will get optimal solutions of fast delivery for launching your business projects without delay.


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