Over the years, CodeIT has provided services in developing custom software solutions for financial organizations including banks, fintech providers, insurance and investment companies to help these organizations establish effective and technologically advanced financial processes.

Our expertise has proven to deliver quality financial software development including banking software, web and mobile apps that fit the industry trends, standards, and regulations.

We offer a full-cycle fintech development, leveraging the latest tech innovation (AI, ML, Blockchain, Big Data), and bring secure, compliant and reliable financial solutions that are seamlessly integrated with third-party systems.

Financial and Banking Solutions

Billing & Payments Solutions
Billing & Payments Solutions
Billing & Payments Solutions
As a fintech software development company, we help to create secure and user-friendly solutions that automate the billing and payment scope. From optimizing bill workflows, creating invoices, alerting on payments, managing virtual terminals to transaction statistics, and reporting - we can cover it all.
Banking Software
Banking Software
Banking Software
It is essential to have secure and reliable software when it comes to banks. Banking software development covers high-end services including CRM migration, mobile banking and loan management systems development, business processes automation, legacy banking software modernization, customer scoring.
Financial Analytics
Financial Analytics
Financial Analytics
Decision making through real-time analytics for accurate forecasting and analysis of the stock market, based on the latest tech trends such as BI and machine learning can be provided through our high-quality custom analytics software.
Insurance Software
Insurance Software
Insurance Software
With our insurance software solutions, we provide access to easy-to-use policy management system automation, insurance rate algorithms, and managing mobile insurance apps that ensure good quality for your business.
Investment management
Investment management
Investment management
We cater to fintech software development services to deliver quality investment management solutions for financial institutions and hedge funds. This helps to aggregate real-time market data, analyze investment risks, make valuable decisions, optimize the operations throughout the whole investment process.
Trading Platforms
Trading Platforms
Trading Platforms
We offer high-quality trading software that delivers impeccable service to brokers, traders and asset managers ensuring strong connectivity, security, end-to-end trade compliance tracking, and accessible updated data. This includes a variety of fintech solutions such as web solutions, currency exchange applications, complex trading platforms, and automated trading systems.
Mobile banking
Lending software
Personal Finance
Mobile Payments
Advanced reporting & analytics
Сryptocurrency transactions
Wealth Management
Electronic Document Management


  • Automated financial documents processing
  • Trade and stock market predictions
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Fraud management
  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Smart contracts
  • Identity management
  • Collaborative network for traders
Big Data
  • Data-driven management decisions
  • Financial data management
  • Insight-driven solutions
  • Analytics and data visualizations
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Our Main Strengths

We implement the latest security tools and technologies including machine learning for fraud detection, to address potential vulnerabilities related to the privacy of personal data and security of financial information.
We provide integrations of financial software solutions with commonly used payment gateways, existing accounting systems or other third-party platforms, to keep your business constantly improving and optimizing.
Regulatory Compliance
It is always challenging to meet regulatory requirements and security standards. That's why we create financial solutions that are GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, and GLBA compliant to ensure the undeniable meeting of all the regulations and standards.