Devoxx Ukraine 2019 – international Java conference brought to Ukraine by EPAM and Java User Group.

When: Nov 1-2, 2019

Venue: Mezhyhirska St, 82 (M82). Kyiv, Ukraine

CodeIT is the official info partner of the Devoxx Ukraine 2019

Devoxx Ukraine is a part of the Devoxx family and one of the coolest international tech rallies in Ukraine with:

⏩ More than 60 international speakers – world-known professionals;

⏩ Participants from all over the world;

⏩ Cutting-edge technologies and trends explained in multiple tracks

⏩ Communication, networking, and inspiration from the best IT professionals; and

⏩ And much more!

Devoxx Ukraine will host a variety of conference tracks. Regardless of your field, there are lots of hot topics to get updated on:

⏩ Java Language (Java Language, Java SE, JDK, Graal VM, Corretto VM, performance tuning, concurrency, etc.)
⏩ Methodology and Culture (Software development methodologies, developer culture, and related subjects)

⏩ Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure (Cloud-native, Service mesh, Quarkus IO, Kubernetes, Docker, Istio, PaaS and serverless. Building anything and deploying it anywhere. SRE/DevOps/Chaos engineering as a culture)

⏩ Server Side Java (Frameworks and libraries which are mainly used on the server-side: Spring, Jakarta EE, Reactive frameworks, ORM, Messaging, Databases. Microservices frameworks) 

⏩ Architecture (Share howtos, experience, best-practices to build a system and do it right. Microservices, Distributed systems or Monolithic design. Blockchain. Also, something which can be explained without dive into the code) 

⏩ Modern Web (Frontend technologies, languages, and tools to build modern browser and mobile apps (JS/Node/TypeScript/React/Kotlin JS. Thick-clients working via Web)

⏩ Big Data & AI (Big Data, Fast Data, Stream processing, NoSQL, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, TensorFlow, etc)

⏩ Programming Languages (Other languages running on the JVM, functional, mobile and emerging languages. The tools, libraries, and best practices)

⏩ Security (Encryption, defensive practices, tools and technologies to be secure, security testing)

To keep things exciting, all sessions will be delivered in various formats:

⏩ Birds of a feather (BOF) – informal, evening 1-hour sessions in small groups;

⏩ Keynote – 45-min talk to establish a main underlying theme;

⏩ Regular talk – 45/60-min presentation on a particular topic;

⏩ Deep-dive/HOL – an in-depth 3-hour presentation;

⏩ Small Talk – 25-min talk in an informal atmosphere.

Stay up-to-date to track the speakers and to learn more about the conference at the official website:

Check Devoxx Ukraine 2018 video and pictures.

Use a promo code codeit5 to get a ticket at a 5% discount! 

Should you have any questions, please drop us a line: [email protected].

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