Manufacturing, IoT
Partnership period 2022 - ongoing
Location Germany
Team size 6
Services Web Development Business Analysis UX/UI Design Quality Assurance Project Managment

Project overview

The CodeIT team has developed a web application that enables a visual interface for operating an industrial computed tomography machine. Operators can easily select testing programs, monitor the progress, and check the results. The developed app supports touchscreen devices and can inspect multiple products while running a program.


Our task

The client has hired CodeIT to help develop software for operating the existing industrial computed tomography machine. Our team had to tackle a lot of challenges, including the following.

  • Pick the right technologies
  • Create a UI/UX interface
  • Develop an app
  • Integrate the app with the tomograph
  • Enable item scanning support

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In order to develop a unique software from scratch, the CodeIT team has decomposed the processes into the following stages.

1. Project analysis

Our specialists have thoroughly examined the industrial computed tomography machine to understand how it works. We’ve taken a deep dive into all the client’s processes to build a solution that helps effectively optimize product scanning operations using a new GUI software.

2. Planning

The allocated experts have defined the best technologies to develop the software, created the app’s architecture, and described hardware requirements for the GUI software to develop.

We’ve created a step-by-step web app development and implementation plan, thoroughly describing all the steps. The plan comprises increments to define functionality pieces that software engineers should have delivered.

3. UI/UX design

The allocated CodeIT expert has examined the client’s design policy and created a UI/UX design of the app, following all the rules and color schemes. The app’s interface is optimized for tablets. The core features of the developed interface are status indicators and large control buttons to use tablets wearing protective gloves conveniently.


4. Solution development

CodeIT has onboarded software engineers and established a development environment. Using the SCRUM framework, we’ve enabled an iterative development process. We collected feedback and adjusted the web app development plan thanks to the increment-based.

The main functionality implemented by CodeIT software engineers implies the following.

Create a new account screen

Consalting icon Dashboard

The dashboard implies crucial functionality to run the app and perform CT scans. The key components of the dashboard are:

  • Status indicators help ensure that the application is connected to the CT machine and server.
  • Program selection buttons are used to pick an inspection program from the list, depending on scanning items.
  • CT scanner operation buttons are used to start, cancel, or suspend a program. Also, it enables the opportunity to shut down a machine.
Create a new account screen

Consalting icon Barcode scanning

Operators scan barcodes of items to inspect using a CT machine. Scanned barcodes automatically get added to the system. Also, the application automatically adds the position of items and their serial numbers to minimize manual data input activities.

Create a new account screen

Consalting icon Product inspection

Once all the items are scanned, an operator taps the start button to run a selected program. The web application indicates the inspection progress for every item in live time. Identification marks of different colors help rapidly check what inspection phases were successfully passed or failed for every item separately.

5. Testing

Our team of quality assurance specialists has conducted a lot of tests to ensure the application works as designed and error-free before delivering it to the client. The list of conducted activities implies the following:

  • codebase analysis
  • UI/UX interface check
  • performance check
  • security testing
  • high-load testing

6. Release

We’ve established the required infrastructure by configuring a cloud server. Our software engineers have released the application and tested it in a real-live environment.

7. Maintenance

After releasing the GUI web application, we’ve established the acceptance period. The CodeIT team had been obligated to fix any unforeseen issues that could have occurred during the defined period.

CodeIT provides after-development support and application enhancement upon request.



The project’s outcome is a fully functional web application optimized for tablets. The graphical user interface (GUI) software developed by CodeIT helps operate an industrial computed tomography. The core activities performed using the application enable users to:

  • check connectivity to a server and a CT machine
  • choose CT inspection programs
  • add info about items by scanning them
  • run CT inspections and check results

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Our team

  • Business Analysis
  • Project manager
  • Back-end developer
  • Front-end developer
  • QA engineer
  • UX/UI designer

Technology stack

  • React.js
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Material UI
  • React-i18next
  • gRPC-Web

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