denkzettel task

Denkzettel is a local Switzerland platform that helps municipalities to organize efficient disposal. Through the application, local municipalities solve the problem of effectively informing citizens about upcoming recycling of various materials: waste paper, glass, batteries, etc. The app reminds users about the schedule of the next disposals via push notifications.

Our Task

The idea of the project was for the Municipal administrations to manage and publish their disposal dates for various materials (old paper, glass, etc) via the online portal. To use this system Citizens could log in to the Web portal or download Android & iOS apps for their own convenience. In this project, we were responsible for the Android & iOS apps and Web Backend development.

Denkzettel provides further abilities:
  • Set user’s location
  • Select reminders
  • Create waste collection events (for Municipal Manager)
  • See waste collection events (for citizens)
  • Statistics
  • Support for citizens
  • Contact information

For these purposes the system required 3 user roles:

Citizen Municipal Manager (MM) System Administrator (SA)

The Implementation

The whole system is in the German language. Client-side operating systems: Windows 7, XP, Mac OS 10.x. Client Side and Admin panel should operate on Mozilla Firefox 19+, Safari 5.0+, Chrome 26+. Client Side only: IE 9+. The app should operate on iOS 6+ Android 4.3.x+.

Citizen mode

The apps are very simple to use — at the first launch users select their regions ( in order to get further notifications about waste collection events in the area) and allow or disallow push notifications.

The Main Menu consists of four sections:
  • Collection
  • Reminders
  • Location
  • Information
denkzettel reminders


In the Reminders section, users select period and types of disposal material that they want to get push notifications about. The general information about all types of waste collection and dates can be seen in the Collection menu. In the Location menu, Citizens can change their addresses but after that, all saved information about waste collection for the previous location will be removed. In the Information section, users are provided with the general information about the app, contact information and “sharing” buttons to share info via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Municipal Managers mode

denkzettel managers

Primary registration of MM is completed in separate ERP system. MM is given website link to log in form and his Username and Password that he must enter to be logged in. On the homepage the MM sees “Collection”, “Support”, “Info” and “Contact” buttons, plus additionally the list of future waste collections that were previously created.

The MM main role is to manage waste collection events, so their functionality is rather simple. They can view, create, edit or delete waste collection events, and additionally view Info, Contact and Support pages.

System Administrator mode

denkzettel managers

These users control the system from the inside with the following:

  • View MM list – to create, edit, block or delete municipal managers’ accounts
  • View materials & notifications list – to create, edit and delete materials and notification templates
  • View list of content pages and manage them
  • View statistics – to know the number of clicks on the cities that are not in service yet

Technology Stack

ios android js html css
php zend my-sql

Integrated 3rd-Parties

Twitter API YouTube API Facebook API Vimeo API

Our Input

For almost a year Denkzettel iOS & Android apps received over 2000 downloads on 1400 devices, as it is a great way of communication between the citizens and the Municipal administration to improve one of the aspects of the city life.

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