CodeIT Named Member of the Clutch 1000!

Technology has globalized business in a heartbeat, allowing firms like us to help create incredible new platforms for companies around the world. Simply put, we help connect the far reaches of the earth in a way that hasn’t been done in the last 4.543 billion years. Connecting with the outsourcing industry can be daunting, horror stories of abysmal software haunt the internet. Fortunately, we know what it takes to create a great platform every time. By following industry expectations, we’ve proven why we are an industry leader via the Clutch 1000.

In our 6-step process, our tech experts focus on getting to know your company’s needs before even touching a keyboard. This saves us time in the long run by only having to make each platform once. We also pride ourselves on the depth of our Quality Assurance services with a full department dedicated to making sure our websites, apps, and software work like a dream. Because we work so closely with our clients, they’ve grown quite fond of us which has gotten us listed in as a Clutch Global Leader in their annual report of the best B2B companies around the world, from software developers to call centers.

member of the clutch

Clutch is a Washington D.C-based startup that conducts in-depth interviews with clients to create a comprehensive ranking of service providers across hundreds of industries. Clutch uses several metrics, including market presence, industry recognition, and these verified client reviews to gauge the quality of service a service provider is able to delivery. Standing out regardless of geography is what we’re here for and we’re proud to say mission accomplished.

On top of the ranking in the Clutch 1000, we gained some notoriety on the Manifest, Clutch’s sister site, as a high-performer for web designers in Ukraine. If you’re wondering, the Manifest is a resource that offers industry insights, how-to-guides, and recommendations of top service providers like us.

It can be tough to make the leap to outsource, but we make it worthwhile. Just look at the reviews on our profile that helped us achieve this honor:

The CEO of Rankly said, “Overall, we are extremely pleased with how the collaboration turned out. CodeIT understood our needs and always tried their best to meet our demands.” T

The Director of Marketing & Product Development at Red Apple Reading said, “They’re some of the nicest and most honest people I’ve met. They don’t try to sell you services you don’t need or inflate their hours to charge you more.”

These accomplishments in Clutch’s rankings will help us get to the next level and achieve our true potential as a firm. We’d love to help you see results like these from your next software platform and are excited to see what 2019 holds!

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Our clients say
Vikas Singla, COO at Teknas Inc
Vikas Singla
COO Teknas

Collaboration with CodeIT gave my business great prospects for its expansion and scaling. Together with CodeIT professionals, we grew our product line from three to fourteen products within only one year. I can rely on these guys to get a high-quality product on time.

Thanks, V

Keith Lammon
VP Urethanesupply

I posted this project and within minutes guys from CodeIT bid on the project. I asked a few questions through Skype to feel confident that they could do the job. I felt comfortable with the knowledge and skills and accepted their offer. I am usually hesitant to hire from offshore. Not because of the work quality but, usually the language barrier and working hours. Guys from CodeIT was available during NY working hours and after pre-screening on Skype, I could tell they know English well.

Mikael Svensson, CIO at SST Net
Mikael Svensson

This was the biggest project I’ve made so far and CodeIT helped me and our company through it in a perfect way.

Working with one very skilled project manager and multiple developers and testers with him made our project fly in a very short period of time, and with a super high quality!

Misha Milshtein
Director of Engineering and Development Sweet Rush

This was our first project, and I am so happy that it had a smooth run and a successful resolution.
I sincerely hope that this is just the first step in our long and mutually amiable partnership.

Thank you CodeIT team for being so thorough and professional.

Esteban Cascante
Project Manager Sweet Rush

I wanted to personally thank you for your hard work on this. Working with CodeIT turned out to be a really pleasant experience for us.

Since the beginning, your team seemed to be really well structured and everyone understood its role and responsibilities.
Also, the quality of the work CodeIt delivered was exactly what we expected it to be.
This really facilitated our daily work and help us to keep the client happy.
I hope this first experience working together help us to build a long-term partnership.

Andrew Pickin

CodeIT has been working for us for one and a half years. We are ending the project now because it is complete. CodeIT built our platform from scratch and also provided further development and support for the rest of the contract. They are very strong in several areas: back-end development (specialising in Zend Framework); front-end development; server administration; project management. Their project managers speak excellent English and are courteous and professional. Their developers are fast and skilled, and up to date with the latest technologies. Their expertise helped us to build a highly reliable website which can serve a heavy load of traffic. Finally, they are all very nice people, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Paul Marcus
CEO PitchPersonal

I have worked with CodeIT for over a year now on a complex application development project and they have been excellent. They have been flexible with scaling resources up and down as I’ve needed it, their project managers have been extremely responsive and I hear from them every day and never have to wonder where they are as I have with past outsourcing projects. Highly recommended if you’re considering outsourcing software development.

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