Any company that delivers, stores, or distributes goods knows how the implementation of digital solutions can reduce logistics costs. We at CodeIT have distinguished this destination in order to provide our customers with targeted logistic software development services.

In terms of logistics, digital software most often represents solutions aimed at automating and optimizing the processes of accepting orders, distributing the goods, warehouse inventory, catalog and fleet management, and so on. Of course, first of all, it is important to understand that all these solutions are always created as custom ones since the requirements are always vary.

We, as an experienced software development company, carefully analyze the requirements and business processes of our clients in order to offer them a product that will bring their services to a brand new height.

Logistics software we develop

The scope of our custom logistics software development services includes a huge number of various solutions. In order to give you some guidance in what solutions are our strong point, we present you the next section.

Fleet management systems

Fleet management systems
Get a convenient system that will accumulate all data regarding the state of the vehicle, its location, fuel, driver behavior, and destination in a single dashboard. With the help of our fleet management solutions, your transport will no longer lose loads, roll around empty and arrive at the wrong place of delivery.

Transport tracking solutions

Transport tracking solutions
We, as a logistics app development company, are well aware of the importance of transport's constant monitoring. Our specialists have experience in logistics app development, including web, desktop, and mobile systems that allow tracking transport and planning the load on the entire delivery system.

Warehouse and inventory management systems

Warehouse and inventory management systems
You don't have to worry about the delivery and tracking of goods if the driver doesn't pick up the cargo. In order to avoid any errors related to the loading and distribution of goods in warehouses, you need to use management systems that will display the status, capacity, and loading of all warehouses and vehicles in real-time. All this is done in order to optimize the goods management, thereby getting rid of situations when your warehouses are idle or, on the contrary, don't have free space.

Supply Chain Management solutions

Supply Chain Management solutions
The supply chain includes a large number of parties and processes that need automation and optimization. The fact is that, for example, on the way from the manufacturer to your warehouse, the goods have several opportunities to get lost or delayed, which inevitably entails an increase in logistics costs. Supply chain management in software engineering will allow you to improve the transparency of the supplying process and track suppliers and customers.

Shipping Optimization Solutions

Shipping Optimization Solutions
Lots of vehicles, orders, routes, and addresses - all this leaves room for possible delays and errors. Our custom solutions will allow you to minimize any errors, primarily related to the human factor, during the shipping process. As a result, you will have digitally validated data for your customers, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.

Transportation software development company at your service

Several reasons why
you need logistics software

If you still doubt whether you need digital solutions in logistics, then here are several factors that will dispel your doubts. Logistics software can:

Optimize warehousing and inventory management
Reduce logistics costs and thereby increase your profits
Increase the efficiency of the goods' delivery and distribution processes
Set up a convenient reporting system and communication flow
Establish clear control over transport in order to increase its efficiency
Increase all processes' transparency
Improve security by automating most processes and minimizing the human factor
Increase the speed of delivery and raise customer satisfaction rate
Provide you with verified quantitative data that can serve as a guarantee of the high quality of your services

Our expertise

Why CodeIT?

We at CodeIT have chosen logistics software development as one of our main services. Now, we want to reveal why you should choose us.

Lots of completed logistics software projects
Requirements assessments and technology consultations in the early stages
Custom approach to each new project
Proven improvement of our client’s logistics processes & metrics
Smooth digitalization of existing processes without disrupting supply chains
Cloud solutions applying
Cost-effective project management


What is logistic software?

Logistic software is a set of tools, applications, and other digital products that are aimed at optimizing all logistics processes as much as possible and increasing the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole.

What products do logistics software companies use?

It can be a software of a very different type and order, ranging from tracking and reporting systems to complex fleet management and CRM systems for complete control over all processes in the supply chain. Also, don't forget about the software for warehousing and inventory needs.

How do I create a logistics app?

The process of logistics software development is very diverse since there are a lot of types of such software. It is best to contact an experienced logistics software development company and receive a consultation on your situation.

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