Brewed is a subscription-based portal that provides B2C networking services. With Brewed users search for bars and breweries along the extensive database retrieved from Google Places, in an easy and fast way. Bars subscribe to the platform services on monthly or yearly recurring basis in exchange for the ability to manage the venue. It is the platform where users can find and buy 38 000 types of beers in 130 000+ bars, 5 000+ breweries and save 1 500+ events.

brewed location based


brewed web and mobile

Web & Mobile

brewed 200k queiries

200k queries

Our Task

CodeIT faced the task to build the responsive web application and native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. The first step of the whole process was to identify the values of the Brewed platform for its users. We needed to create the solution that would allow different users to perform different actions.

For Bars, Breweries, Events:

  • Instant access to beer lovers online, right where they are
  • Handy tools to keep product range and prices updated
  • Simple and effective tools for proposition promotion

For Beer Lovers:

  • Quick access to all kinds of beers in the neighborhood from one app;
  • Ability to choose the radius of the search radius: nearest block or the whole country;
  • Make the process of choosing and buying beer easy and pleasant;
  • Let beer lovers communicate with each other, rate beers and venues, leave comments, etc;
  • Make the app design and user experience smooth and trendy.

That meant that the platform had to include a multilevel database of places where beer could be purchased or brewed, that would automatically update. In addition to that, it needed the Geo-location services to give users the ability to look for the mentioned-above places nearby and nationwide. And of course one of the main features would be the integration with the social networks – the user could sign up through one, add their own profile, claim bars and breweries, create custom menus, rate places, leave comments and share it with friends.

The Implementation


We created the extensive database of bars and breweries that were retrieved from Google Places via the API and synced “Venues” database with “Beers” and “Beer Lovers” databases by the Webhook to follow the recent information updates. The search in this database is performed through 38K beers, 5.6K breweries, 129.1K venues and 1.5K events.

1.5k events
129.1k venues
5.6k breweries
38k beers
We used the best technology for the case to make the interactions between databases super fast. A powerful and accurate search engine is the core of the system. It is built using Apache Solr server that guarantees speed for location-based search. Such system allows users to receive Beer Search results in 0.1 sec using a bunch of parameters:
  • - Location radius
  • - Beer sort / type / name
  • - Brewery
  • - Venue name / address etc


For Bars and Breweries owners, we have created a custom, easy-to-use and multi-functional menu. The system allows them to claim their business; add, remove or schedule products; create their own menus and print them or place them online.

Business owners could claim their Breweries for free in several steps – search for a brewery, claim it and manage.

Bar owners can also claim their business but with the subscription. The recurring subscription module was implemented with PayPal Pro API to provide users with the ability to process payments via credit cards. Promo code feature and flexible partial/full refund system are on board. With this system, the owner can add beers to cellar, put it on/off the menu, manage venue’s staff together with his billing information and invoices.
The great-looking custom menu is created in few simple moves:
  • - Choose template
  • - Choose color schemes
  • - Choose fonts
  • - Upload images of your products
  • - Choose info fields for the product
  • - Fill in the products info
  • - Post menu on the venue page or on the site or even save it as a ready-to-print PDF file
Special great feature for menu builder – programmable updates: venue manager can set products availability, prices, new positions to be added to the menu at the date when the changes are expected.

social networks

Among other website features, there are a lot of social network elements. Users can follow each other, check in bars, rate and consume beers. The idea is similar to the combination of Instagram and Swarm, just domain specific.

The Rating system helps users to rate venues and beers, put the comments along with tags. Users can easily find the brewery/beer/bar of interest in their location or somewhere else using friends’ references. Said brewery/beer/bar can be added to the Favorite list for quick access or shared with friends in social networks (Facebook, Twitter).


As part of the scope, the Events module was designed. The bar owner can create scheduled/postponed events for his venue and provide users with free access according to VIP lists. Thanks to the complex level access system, the bar owner can organize the management process in details: there are separate roles for managers and bartenders.

Technology Stack

zend html css js
my-sql-php bootstrap paypal solr
ios android uikit google maps

Our Input

As a result, CodeIT built from scratch a cross-platform solution with the clean and intuitive user experience. The platform is complex and multi-functional, but at the same time user-friendly. It can handle the load of 200k same-time queries and embraces locations and users from all the United States.

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