The only reliable way to succeed is to develop a product of impeccable quality. They should work correctly and help solve all the clients’ problems. Finding a reliable and tech-strong partner is required to build a digital product that will work ideally. It is where the SuperbCompanies website comes in handy. 


It is a popular website focused on analyzing different companies that deliver digital products and services in the IT niche. The company analyzes various firms meticulously and forms ratings to help business owners pick the top partners without wasting time. 


According to the information provided by the SuperbCompanies service, they have a thorough selection process. Their experts dive deep and explore all the details about every company they list on their website. In order to allocate niche leaders, the SuperbCompanies team analyzes the following:

  • projects completed
  • customers reviews
  • overall experience
  • market presence
  • previous awards


It is not the final list of factors taken into account by their specialists when it comes to ranking companies. The SuperbCompanies platform doesn’t reveal the complete assessment process. Meanwhile, it is a trusted source of information about the best companies that many business owners refer to when looking for a tech partner. 


We are thrilled to announce that our company has been selected as one of the “Top Automation Testing Companies” on the global market. Trusted experts have recognized our expertise in the niche. According to the SuperbCompany rating, CodeIT is one of the best companies to hire if you want to ensure that your product works as designed and matches the highest quality standards. 


SuperbCompanies states that CodeIT is a reliable company that has great expertise in the IT domain. Also, they state that the company uses the latest technologies to provide outstanding products and services.


The company is an early technology adopter and rockstar innovator in providing the best quality services and making a team contributing to the development of world technologies.



We were more than happy to receive this award. Our company will keep growing at a high pace to build new products and make our clients satisfied.


As SuperbCompanies stated, CodeIT excels in different niches. We can build fully-functional digital products from scratch. Our team can build top-tier custom solutions for web, mobile, and desktops. Also, we provide business analysis, team augmentation, custom development, and other services that help businesses achieve their goals. 


It is worth noting that CodeIT has a lot of other awards. For instance, our company is recognized as a “Top-500 Clutch Member”, the “Best Upwork Agency,” and a “Top Custom Software Development Company USA 2022”. Feel free to explore the about us page to learn more about all the awards received by CodeIT.  


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