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Capsule is a location-based media sharing service. Every capsule has its own visibility and access restrictions. Users can get access to a capsule from their mobile devices once they access the location.

The main idea of the “Capsule” project was to allow users to leave geo-location based capsules with certain content. The purpose was to create a community of users and enable them to share media content with each other. Capsule is a virtual container with a variety of information attached to a specific place. Each capsule has a clear georeferencing and radius of accessibility, so anyone who falls within the coverage of a certain capsule will be able to see it. Capsules could contain audio files, graphics, video or text. They can be limited by time, password, be anonymous, or with the limit number of people who can open it.

the implementation

capsule implementation
Capsule needed to be easy-to-use and accessible at any time, so it was decided to create mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The log in to the app is via email and password, or through the integrated social networks like Facebook. When logged into the system users could set their own profiles – profile picture, name, email, password, country and city. After that they can search for users or capsules nearby, or create their own capsule. It can be filled with:
Video Audio Text Photo Everything at once

capsule’s options

It can be anonymous – others will not see who left the capsule

Indicate the time for it – when it will be seen to other users

Set password for it – for example if users wanted it to be seen by friends only they could put a password on the capsule and send the link with the information to their friends

Put a limit on how many times users want the capsule to be opened

The radius where it can be visible for others

capsule options

As in a social network users can search for their friends, go through profiles of other people, rate and share capsules, add people and capsules to favourites, see news and monitor capsules on the map. The app provides the ability to exchange messages, send messages to future or receive them from the past, play live adventure quests, organize geo-located informational stands or just preserve certain memories in a certain place with the help of a capsule itself.

capsule profile capsule news

Technology Stack

ios android html css
angular zend my-sql

Integrated 3rd-Parties

Solr API Yandex maps Facebook API Amazon servers Magallanes Flurry monitoring

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