When you plan to develop an effective and well-designed website for your business, money and time are definitely the major concern.

In fact, if you have even the slightest idea about web developing then you must know that we have two major platforms to develop a website. One is the proven old HTML method and another is today’s most preferable option called WordPress.

While both of these platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, it is very important to understand them in detail, before making a choice. Indeed, when you work with a professional team of developers you can get a lot better professional insight about which platform will work best for your business preferences.

As you start developing your business website, you must select one platform from the many different website options to present your products/services. Thus, choose the one that provides the best user experience. To get general utility and ease of use, either you can go with Static HTML pages or you may choose the dynamic and popular WordPress.

Remember the choice of the right platform is the foremost step to establish your brand identity. Your website is the first platform used by your users to contact your business. It is one of the best and fundamental ways to create the online presence of your business. Thus it is very important that you start its development by selecting the right platform may it be static HTML or WordPress.

So before we dig deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of each of these platforms, let us have a look at the main difference between WordPress and Static HTML. 

Difference between WordPress and Static HTML

For your better understanding, here are the basics of both of these website development platforms. If you are new to the world of website development then here is what you need to understand before selecting the right platform to develop your business website.


WordPress is a great CMS or better yet, Content Management System. There are many people who strictly consider WordPress as a blogging application. But it is a full system to manage a great website. It’s a complete packaged CMS to manage a blog as well as a website. Not to mention, it is also ubiquitous as it is one of the most famous CMS in use today.

CMS WordPress

When a website is designed by using WordPress, it requires little to no HTML knowledge. Also, there are many web hosts that have just one-click WordPress installs.

Static HTML

When we say the term static HTML, it actually implies the WebPages which consist of CSS and HTML exclusively or mostly. A static webpage will not change and usually look quite identical to everyone visiting the page. When you go with static HTML you can add dynamic content, but a static page is mostly an HTML document that just sits on the server and doesn’t do anything more.

The story with HTML is simple that is your developer simply writes the code (that also include the content) and when it’s on the main server, it remains like that. This means no background processing and your business site will remain right there and in its finished form.

On the other hand, WordPress is a complete content management system that makes the most of PHP along with a database. In short, when anyone visits your site, your server easily assembles your site by:

  • Executing the main PHP code in order to put together the static HTML version of your website.
  • Querying the database to get hold of the content that needs to be inserted into that HTML.

Exploring the Strengths and Weaknesses of WordPress and Static HTML

We all know that launching a business website requires a lot of consideration. It is not an easy process and you must clearly know so you can hit off with one. But, in this case, one of the dilemmas is to select between the static HTML website or a complete CMS called WordPress.

So to give you a better understanding of each of these platforms, here is the simple comparison to help you make the right decision.

The Strong and the Weak Sides of Using WordPress

In the web designing and software world, WordPress is known as the simplified version of HTML for non-techie developers, to modify and add features on a website. Having said this, we don’t mean that WordPress is for novices.

In fact, this great platform comes with thousands of features and functionalities that assist both the novices and professionals to build an excellent website regardless of the industry. WordPress is a tool that helps build dynamic websites. This means that you can modify your website at any time and literally everything from entire texts to even pictures.

Wordpress Dashboard

When you opt for a WordPress website for your business, you offer your visitors a very user-friendly and simple interface that is very easy to navigate. The website works best on all portable devices and is mobile friendly. The mobile-friendliness of a website is not only an asset for the visitors of your website but also for the admin, responsible to change the content or do the modifications.

In the growing and highly competitive CMS market, WordPress is the champion every time by beating all other platforms. In fact, more than 25% of websites out there are actually running on it.

The basic reason behind this astonishing success of WordPress is its unparalleled versatility for websites. This is exactly why more than 1.2 million new users register WordPress domains in 6 months. The effortless way to develop a website, with great convenience of modifications and to add more functionality as per your business requirements is the factor that makes WordPress so reputable in today’s web designing.

The Strengths of using WordPress

  • WordPress comes with thousands of themes and plugins to add exceptional functionality to your website. These plugins optimize your website and add exception functionality to it including announcing scheduled events to hosting live webinars. The functions are limitless and you can easily offer them to your visitors.
  • Anybody can easily handle the WordPress website as the control is solely in your own hands. Everything about your website is as per your preferences including the appearance and content on your website. You can modify the features anytime as you always have an opportunity to become the most attractive and famous online business with several users and improved sales rate.
  • WordPress is very easy to update. This can be done by anyone who doesn’t even have the basic skill set or still learning the web designing fundamentals. It offers a very intuitive interface for your visitors as well as your team of developers.
  • WordPress offers many great themes and templates that are easily customizable to meet your business requirements. So make sure you work with a great team of developers so that you can make the most of these pre-defined as well as customizable themes.
  • WordPress lets you retain the control and ownership of your content. Unlike various other CMS platforms, WordPress offers your business web design a complete control and ownership of the website content. This may include the domain name or whole of the content.
  • One of the biggest reasons why businesses now prefer WordPress over HTML is because the code behind WP is simple and clean. This makes it easier for almost every search engine to easily read and index your website content. Also, every image, post, and the page can have its particular Meta tag description, title, and keyword and be optimized for a particular keyword that allows very precise optimization of the search engine.

A Few WordPress Caveats

WordPress has its own learning curve. So if you want to incorporate beyond basic level features, it is not easy to use without taking professional developer assistance. This can only be done by a team of developers who have PHP scripting knowledge.

Another reason to avoid choosing WordPress could be is that the problem with the WordPress installation can be time-consuming. You would definitely need to hire professional expertise to fix the issue or else you can make the most of free or paid support offered on hundreds of forums and websites dedicated for the purpose.

Not to mention both of these issues are easily fixable if you work with a professional team of developers.

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The Strong and the Weak Side of Using Static HTML

After the outbreak of the internet back in the 1990s, mid-sized and small business realized the benefits of being online. They understood the improvement in their sales that could come from a modest investment of appointing a web developer to deal with their website.

At that time there were no plugins or templates and you would need technical competency to stay ahead of your competitors. All the websites were designed as static HTML because the whole point was to have an online presence without modifying the content or even the layout – ever again!

A website that is built on HTML, content is easily stored in static files and this makes it highly difficult to modify the content. But this technical yet simplistic platform also has its own advantages.

The Strengths of Using Static HTML

  • When you choose HTML for your business website, you don’t need to keep it maintained at all times. As your website goes online, you don’t need to back it up or update it.  So if you need a business website that doesn’t need to stay updated you should go with static HTML.
  • HTML websites are simple, easy to set up and basic. But don’t take these websites for granted because the effectiveness or performance of your website depends on the web developers that have to build it.
  • HTML websites are much faster. Their small size and the fact that they make use of fewer resources than WordPress dynamic websites offer them a great speed advantage and help them load faster.
  • An HTML website requires little to no maintenance. As your website go live, you don’t really need to install any kind of updates or ensure its regular backup if you haven’t changed anything you just backup your website only once and forget about it. This is particularly a good option if you run a small business and have no 24/7 access to a development team.
  • HTML websites have very low requirements. You don’t need specific servers with MySQL or PHP installed on them. They can easily run on low resources and on cheaper servers.

Static HTML Caveats

The main issue of static HTML arises when you plan to scale it up. It is great to be used by small business for their basic website but if you run a large-scale business then it is not the right solution in terms of functionality and content.

When you use HTML for your business website development, editing or adding content is not at all user-friendly as you need to dig out the code. Similarly, adding more functionality means that you need to code it all by yourself (developers). Even if you choose to change the layout of your website, you would need to rewrite the CSS.

Dynamic WordPress or Static HTML – What to Choose?

Since now you have got the clear understanding of both the HTML and WordPress platforms, you know the strengths and weaknesses of each of these platforms, you can make a wiser decision as to which platform best suit your business preferences.

If you are certain about making multiple changes to your website from time to time, go with WordPress functionality but if your only aim to make a basic website for your users then HTML is more convenient.

With that, we cannot emphasize enough the need for a professional developer, not just to develop your business website but also to keep up the regular and efficient functioning of it.

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