Office Space Software is a convenient and easy way to access up-to-date information about employees, their contacts and workplaces quickly

Our Task

For large companies, the problem of orienting employees in the office space is often a great challenge. In particular, this issue arises if the company occupies many different premises in the co-working center or is located on different floors of the building.

Employees from time to time wonder, what is the name of that person, where a necessary colleague is sitting or how to contact them. We decided to resolve this issue by developing an interactive floorplan software.

the implementation

Our Office Space Software has a wide range of functions for employees with different job responsibilities and different levels of access. The User Roles can be changed, depending on the needs of your business.

the line staff

During the creation of functions for this User Role, we set ourselves the goal of providing an excellent first day in the office for new employees and minimizing the time spent looking for contacts of other employees.
Another important task was the optimization of the process of applying for vacation, sick leave, remote day.

functionality includes:


The map facilitates the navigation in the office. We created the floor plan map, allowing you to view the placement of the employees on the selected floor and the scheme of workplaces. A click on the workplace pops up a window with brief information about the employee.


At the workplace you can find the detailed information about the employee who occupies it. The space management software allows you to view detailed information about the employee: his position, phone number, skype login, e-mail address, date of birth, etc. The office map is equipped with the ability to import the vCard of your colleague into the address book of the mobile phone.

people search

The search by name function allows you to determine where an employee is sitting, and quickly contact him/her.
An important function of the interactive office map is the search for employees. By typing in a person’s name or position, you can find detailed information about him/her, contact details and the location of the placement in the office.

leave schedule

This is a handy tool that allows you to be aware of the employees day-off schedule. With its help, you can find when your colleague returns from vacation or when your subordinate is working remotely. Information about the leave type is presented in the form of colored icons.
If necessary, you can sort the table by date. Also, we created a search by employee’s name.

my requests

Another important function is the ability to apply for a vacation in real time. There is no longer any need for a paperwork! Your vacation request will be seen by the Project Manager (PM) immediately with the ability to approve or reject it.
Employees have the opportunity to see the entire history of filing applications.

office space software human researcher

Human resource managers

Based on our business processes, the HR manager User Role has a broader functionality, reflecting his job responsibilities. In addition, he has an ability to edit any information in the system.

the project managers

The difference between the User Role of Project Managers and line staff is in the ability to accept or reject the application for leave. All requests are automatically send by e-mail to PM and HR (Human Resources). This scheme of interaction between employees is a reflection of the business processes of our company. Functionality of business roles can be changed, depending on your business needs.

office space software human project manager


HR has the functionality of adding a new employee to the system and the ability to edit information about employees;
HR has the ability to send with one click a Welcome email newsletter to all employees of the company with the info about the new colleague;
HR manager can mark the fact of being fired in the employee’s card. The former employee will disappear from the list, but the information will remain in the system.


HR also has the ability to create the new employee on the map, edit and save information about the people.

office space software members


The tab contains a table of employee requests for vacation. This User Role allows to approve or reject the request for a vacation definitively. Also there is a functionality for editing the request (for example, changing the dates or type of vacation).

office space software management

There is a Leave summary report, which shows a summary of each employees of the company:

how many

  • days off are there
  • days of leave are used
  • sick leave days were used
  • days the employee worked remotely
  • days of unpaid leave were used
office space software summary

The Summary details button shows the reports with information:

how many

  • sick leave days did employees take for a certain period
  • days of vacation were added based on the years of employment
  • days of vacation burned out
  • summary report on days off for each month

Depending on your company’s time off policy and labor legislation, we can customize the output of any custom reports that may be needed in the HR Department.

Technology Stack

zend bootstrap angular sass

Our Input

We continue to work on the system. In the near future, we plan to expand the functionality of the system to make it as useful to each employee as possible. If your company continues to grow and develop, we are happy to help you implement the Office Space Software, based on the characteristics of your business and its needs. To get detailed information and to access the demo version of the system, contact us!

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