CodeIT is the official partner of the KharkivFrontend Summer Conference!

Date: July 22, 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 10:00 - 18:00

Location: Kharkov, ul. Blagoveshchenskaya, 1,

The cost: 300 UAH.

KharkivFrontend Community does not stand still, and hot summer ?☀? is an excellent occasion to meet and reveal the secrets of the magic of NodeJS.✨???♀

KharkivFrontend Summer Conference is a one-day conference, consisting of 6 reports. The event is expected to be interesting not only to the experienced developers, but also to children who are just going to plunge into the bright world of JavaScript development.

In the program of the conference:

- NodeJS. What is the secret?

- Short circuit in the JavaScript

- Maybe it is time to stop testing?

- Event loop. What exactly is it?

- Node.js HTTP module.

- Data streams in Node.js

1. "NodeJS. What is the secret?"

Speaker: Maxim Korabelsky, Software Engineer

Look into: the principle of NodeJS. The main differences from PHP and other languages used for the backend development

As a result: will understand how NodeJS works, find out how to use it NOT for backing things up.

2. "Short circuit in the JavaScript"

Speaker: Oleg Momot, Software Engineer

Look into: closure in theory and in practice.

As a result: we will understand the mechanism of closures origin and how they are organized in JavaScript, how they can be used and what is the result of their use.

3. "Maybe it is time to stop testing?"

Speaker: Kalinina Alexandra, Full stack JS developer

Look into: when is it time to write tests? Refactor? Maybe it is time to abandon them?

As a result: we will learn the history of testing development in general and of the unit testing in particular, get a deep insight into the issue and understand how to approach the question wisely.

4. "Event loop. What exactly is it?"

Speaker: Torosyan Arthur, Node.js developer

Look into: what Event loop is (trough understandable examples, funny pictures, which will simplify the perception of the information), why is so much tied to it, why is it needed at all?

As a result: will learn to work with the event loop and find out why it is so important in Node.js.

5. "Node.js HTTP module"

Speaker: Moiseyev Dmitry, Software Engineer

Look into: How to write HTTP services on pure Node.js

As a result: we will learn how to write a simple service on Node.js and to better understand how such libraries as Express work under the hood

6. "Data streams in Node.js"

Speaker: Kiktyov Vitaliy, Software Engineer

Look into: what is a data stream, what kinds of streams exist.

Also, we'll examine the main characteristics and ways of applying this abstraction in the context of developing a web application based on Node.js

As a result: we get a clear understanding of the elegant way to achieve efficiency and productivity when performing tasks for processing large files, such as data archiving or media transfer

To buy tickets, learn the conference program, and other necessary information, you can visit the Kharkiv

Frontend community website:






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