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Vkusodrom is the online platform with the selection of restaurants where customers can order and get delivered food from any restaurant in any city.

Our Task

The idea behind the platform was to collect as many food delivery services as possible in one place to provide systematic online ordering. The system had to be understandable and easy-to-use and include the following functionalities:

  • Provide the list of cities where the platform is available
  • The list of restaurants that work with the platform
  • Registration process for customers and restaurants
  • Customized pages for every restaurant
vkusodrom system
Consequently, we had to create a registration system for the restaurants and takeaways, so they could present their services. It was decided that all registered delivery services will be shown according to their ranking beginning from the most highly ranked. The ranking should be performed by the customers but only the registered ones. Moreover, the registered customers would get special offers and discounts. Each restaurant and delivery service required personalized ordering page in compliance with their own corporate design.
As a result, we received three User roles for our system:
Guest user
Registered user
Restaurant owner

The Implementation

To complete the set task we needed to separate the platform itself and the admin panel. The admin panel provided the functionality for restaurants. Here restaurant owners logged in to the separate online portal that contained a dashboard with various information.

Owners could:

  • Add or remove their restaurants from the list (in case they have a chain of restaurants or a franchise)
  • Fill in the restaurant data
  • Set opening hours and holidays
  • Combine and edit their menu, set prices and indicate allergens and ingredients
  • See the ranks and feedbacks left by the clients
  • Performance analysis
  • View sales and invoices online

Each restaurant would get a personalized ordering page according to the corporate design. Even when the Owners register a franchise – the page of each establishment in the franchise would get it’s own design.

For Users the platform provided the list of food-delivery places and restaurants that were close to User’s location. After entering the website users chose their location on the map or from the list below the map and would get to see the list of places available for ordering and delivery.

vkusodrom about

The places in the list were shown differently depending on the User – Guest users would see it in the random order, and Registered Users would see it in descending order – from the most highly-ranked to the lowest-ranked restaurant. The platform indicated how many stars the restaurant or food-service had, how many reviews, business hours or – if the place was closed – the information for how long and why.

The platform offered users to register in order they could rate the restaurants and leave reviews, see their own last orders, but also to receive special offers from various food-delivery services. The restaurant that were in the partnership with the platform could propose promotional specials or discounts to their customers.

vkusodrom rates

Ordering process was rather fast and simple – after choosing the location and the food-service Users could start picking anything they liked from the menu. Each dish would have special indications on the allergens and additives and the link below to read the detailed information about them. The shopping cart is shown in the side panel for the convenience of Users – they can see the selected items, see the price, fill in the contact information if necessary and chose the payment method (card payment or by cash).

Technology Stack

my-sql php-round js-black html css

Integrated 3rd-Parties

PayPal API

Our Input

UI/UX Design
Web Development
Quality Assurance
Project Management

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