Manager of EDU


Seeking an Engineering Manager to establish and developed the Engineering Domain Unit (EDU), transitioning to CTO position to lead technological innovation and development.

EDU is a division of the company whose goals are to preserve and enhance expertise in a specific engineering field, enabling the company to implement projects using this expertise to develop and deploy solutions. The primary strategy includes attracting new clients who require specialized solutions, thereby strengthening the company's market position and contributing to its growth.

required skills

Must Have



  • Talent Management: KPI, OKR, Reporting
  • Strategic Management: Vision, Innovation
  • Change Management: Process and Structure Development
  • Communication: Assertive communication and presentation skills



Very Important



  • Talent Management: Performance Evaluation, Building Trust, Team Dynamics.
  • Strategic Management: Strategic Drift, Decision Making
  • Personal Effectiveness: Personal Branding
  • Project Management: Stakeholder Management
  • Communication: Public Speaking
  • Sales & Marketing: Customer Relationship Management





  • Talent Management: Delegation, Training
  • Personal Effectiveness: Time Management, Networking
  • Project Management: Frameworks, Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Communication, Risk, Procurement
  • Tools: Spreadsheet proficiency
  • Sales & Marketing: Customer Orientation






  • Talent Management: Leadership Styles, Conflict Management
  • Change Management: Crisis Management
  • Strategic Management: SWOT Analysis
  • Personal Effectiveness: Emotional Intelligence
  • Tools: Project Management Software


  • Ensure engineering quality trouth cross-department collabiration and project audits
  • Oprimize engineering processer for efficiency
  • Conduct R&D for new services, coordinate their laungh
  • Develop arhitectural solutions and improve methodologies
  • Represent the Company at conferences, enhace technical PR

being a member of the CodeIT team means

  • Career Path and growth opportunities (seniority level system, individual development plan, technical leads)
  • Compensation of participation in conferences and workshops, invited experts
  • Development of soft skills (people management and emotional intelligence training)
  • Free access to the company account on Udemy educational platform
  • Internal library
  • Corporate English courses and communication with clients from English-speaking countries
  • Experienced and supportive team members
  • Paid time off (vacation, sick-leave, remote work)
  • Legal support
  • Joyful corporate events, team buildings, hobbies and sport communities
  • Well-equipped office located in the center of Kharkiv
  • Discounts and bonuses of IT Loyalty program.